Poisonwood Bible Project Analysis

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For my Poisonwood Bible project I made an art piece with the focus on the entire Price family. The year is marked 1959(which is the year the Price family arrived at the Congo) but it contains ideas and symbols from throughout the whole book.

The most noticeable thing on the canvas is the huge and colorful parrot flying above. The parrot is obviously Methuselah who is a notable character in the book and who also symbolizes the Congo. Some clear evidence why Methuselah and the Congo go together is Methuselah was kept in a cage for most of his life and the Congo was ruled by the Belgians which is like being trapped. Also Methuselah was released from his cage and the Congolese did get their independence. But the sad truth for both of them was
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Rachel face shows annoyance because even after all the years she had spent in the Congo she has the same attitude towards the people and their lifestyle, she has not changed her views a bit, but instead made her own sanctuary away from the Congolese people and their ways. Rachel’s face is also cracked in my artwork because in The Poisonwood Bible Rachel brought a mirror with her to the Congo and it was her most prized possession until it smashed during attempt to crawl into a neighbor's boat. That mirror was part of her and her obsession with vanity, and when that broke a bit of her did to because it was one of her last ties to American ways. She is also holding up a hand with 3 rings on her ring finger which represents her 3 failed marriages even though she was the one to put all the effort into the hope chest even though none of what she wanted for love came …show more content…
She is also balancing a book on her head which represents how she ended up adopting congolese ways the most and the fact she is a very bright women.

Then there is Adah who looks slightly dissatisfied due to the fact that she lost her crookedness towards the end of the book which made her lose some of herself with it. On Adah’s head there is a singular red plume. This red feather represents Adah’s realization that freedom can lead to an uncertain future and then relates the singular feather and Methuselahs death to the Congo’s own fate.

Finally there is Ruth May the youngest child. Unlike everybody else she is looking out and she has a calm neutral face which shows the lack of resentment she feels toward her family. She had the snakebite visible which represents how the whole family fell apart due to her death. The lizard on her shoulder represents what started her downfall because all she wanted to do was be with the lizards as long as she could be.

All in all the Price family mission to the Congo affected everybody involved and the memories and experiences will stay with them for the rest of their

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