Iphigenia And Other Daughters Analysis

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The production of Iphigenia and Other Daughters, an adaptation by Ellen McLaughlin and directed by Marya Sea Kaminski, is about a family set on avenging deaths that have wrecked their lives. It takes place in both Ancient Greek and World War 1. In Ancient Greek woman were inferior to men. They did not have any say in their lives and were viewed as property. In this case they were not allowed to exact revenge on behalf of their loved ones that was a man’s right. The fact that Clymnestra did communicates she has courage, but that makes her at risk of retribution. Clymnestra, performed by Porscha Shaw, uses voice, space and body to convey an illusion of power.
One-way Clymnestra conveys her power is through her body. For example, in the first
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Kaminski, deciding to have a variety of wardrobe for Clymnestra helped Ms. Shaw emanate the identity of her character. The decision of only having her change into multiple dresses highlighted her as important, furthering the idea of her being potent. In the first episode Clymnestra was dressed in Greek clothing, a rusty red, revealing floor length dress. She was robed in the color twice, in the first and second episode. The choices of dressing her in red, a vibrant color associated with courage, anger, malice, wrath, love and power makes her stand out form the rest of the characters. The first episode she helplessly watched her favorite child being sacrificed, which drove her to rage. In the second episode she was dressed in red when she greeted her son, who was pretending to be someone else. Both times was an area of the pay she had to emanate strength in adversaries. The bold color screamed out danger and authority a warning to others. Even though she died wearing red still filled with rage, puissant and love for her died …show more content…
She expresses her unstable relationship with her mentally unstable daughter through her voice. She reveals her courage through her movement and body. Lastly she signifies her importance through the costumes she

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