The Girl Who Fell From The Sky Essay

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In the novel “The Girl Who Fell From the Sky” by Heidi Durrow, Rachel, the main character, comes from a bi-racial background. Before the story begins, a tragic accident happens and Rachel is the only survivor. Her mother made the decision to take her life, as well as the lives of her children, in order to protect them from the harsh criticism of society. After the incident, Rachel moves to her grandmother’s house in Portland, OR. Rachel stumbles in her new environmental setting and comes across the strange feeling of the new-girl. It seems as if the journey for her identity impacts her more heavily than the trauma of the accident. Having spent ten years in an European “colorblind” society, the move to the northwest becomes her first time in a mainly black community. She was forced to make a transition between her old life, where she was unaware of the judgment people inflicted, to her new life, where she struggled to regain her true identity. When Rachel arrives in Portland, she is faced with racial expectations at home and at school that cause an internal conflict with her identity.

When Rachel moves to her new school in Portland, she tries very hard to be a good scholar and excel in her studies. She becomes confused with what race to identify with because each student has a label and Rachel does not know how to define herself. Eventually, the black girls start to make fun of her and call her “light skinned-ed.” Rachel falls victim to bad habits, like incorrect grammar,…

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