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  • The Power Of Language In Coming Into Language Written By Jimmy Santiago Baca

    With just a paper and a pen, the power of language can transform the world around you. Language has established a system of human communication, incorporating the application of words in a structured and customary way. Its purpose can profess emotions from one human to another and suddenly make you feel the lost emotions inside of yourself. In Coming Into Language written by Jimmy Santiago Baca, he emphasizes his wildly dangerous journey of life and being found in the influence of language within the walls of his jail cell. In Homemade Education written by Malcolm X, he too had elaborated on his awaking of language from his time in jail as well. In fact, as both of these influential men were incarcerated, they found this sense of uplifting freedom by the power of language to escape those chains. Though I was never in jail, I had metaphorically I felt imprisoned by my parents. As a kid, growing up, I found myself with so much negative emotion built inside of me. There was no output, until I found the use of language. For me, language creates a support of my identity and freedom. In which case brings a great connection I feel between these two writers. From reading or writing, it helps me figure out who I am and my ambitions. The effect of language can significantly find your identity, a way to express yourself, and take you to a whole other world where you are set free. We live in a world where society, or even your parents categorize who you are and who you are supposed…

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  • Tim Burton Analysis

    Although the shots and angles maybe be the least noticed, they’re an intrinsic part of his style. In his renowned films Charlie and the chocolate Factory in which four children get to visit Wonka's secretive factory. Alice and wonderland, girl who falls down a rabbit then she must free wonderland, and Big fish, in which edward leaves the countryside to help karl go to the big city. He films uses high then low angles, and contrasting long shots and close-ups to help convey the power and…

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  • Tim Burton Style Analysis

    Tim Burton, a director, animator, producer has directed many phenomenal and award winning films. Examples include, Alice In Wonderland, Edward Scissorhands, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The techniques and style he uses are consistent throughout. Burton accomplishes these techniques with several styles and ideas. The setting and the characters he initiates are innovative. Soon, the introduction and background presented a profound image. It makes the story easy to follow. It’s also more…

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  • Alice In Wonderland Film Analysis

    person’s personality is identical to another’s personality. To many people, embracing their indifferences may seem difficult. Through the art of film-making, Tim Burton makes his creative yet unique stories into movies. Burton’s charisma is portrayed through his movies, such as Edward Scissorhands and Alice in Wonderland. The main characters in the movies have the appearance and aspects of an outcast; therefore, they stand out in their society. Tim Burton uses misfit characters to show that…

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  • Compare And Contrast Alice In Wonderland And Catcher In The Rye

    It has been said that “the turning point in the process of growing up is when you discover the core of strength within you that survives all hurt.” Although, for many, it is difficult to find this strength making growing up seem frightening. This process and struggle reaching adulthood is shown in both Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. Alice in Wonderland is a story of a little girl named Alice whose fantasies take her a made up, crazy land called…

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  • Archetypes In Peter Pan

    audience and described in children language, the imagery, and various personalities and people young boys and girls have to deal with in the real world. The four main archetypes; the self, the shadow, the anima, and the persona are consisted in these novels; Peter pan, Alice in Wonderland, and Wizard of Oz that essentially gives the audience a glimpse of oddity being put out there, a strange tale with a fragmented feel to it. Now we are able to take a closer look and see how these archetypes are…

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  • Narcissism In Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland

    is only seven, she blames herself when she doesn’t have an explanation for a problem when in reality she shouldn’t expect herself (nor should anyone else) expect her to know about of what is going on in Wonderland. Alice has developed neurosis and she is consistently punishes herself for behaving in an undesirable manner and continue to accept the societal norms as her own expectations of herself. Alice has to teach herself things because her parents are distant. They have failed to create a…

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  • Identity In Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland

    “Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle!” Alice asks herself this shortly after entering Wonderland, although this line would not be at all out of place in any adolescent’s head (Carroll 15). Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland is a novel that deals heavily with many aspects of identity, including finding and growing an identity as a child. Alice goes through many trials in the novel, and readers watch her change and adapt to get through all of these. Disney’s 1951 adaptation Alice…

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  • Stereotypes In Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland

    In the book, Corkran reasserts the very didacticism that Carroll satirizes in the Duchess 's song: "Speak roughly to your little boy, And beat him when he sneezes: He only does it to annoy, Because he knows it teases." The Alice novel was accessible to all readers even the parodist. Some of the modern critics to Carroll’s work out of the realm of childhood interpretation. “Michael Hancher has also pointed out Tweedledum and Tweedledee 's strong resemblance to Tenniel 's drawings of John Bull.”…

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  • Personal Narrative-Alice In Wonderland

    Wonderland is as beautiful and colorful as she remembered, reminiscent of a masterpiece painting using colors selected by a child. Alice navigates through the dense forests, tall mushrooms and strange fauna. Alice navigates the path as if she’d done it every day of her life. Upon stumbling through a darker part on her path she all at once gets the sensation of being watched, a chill goes down her spine; the sense of someone breathing on her neck; the sound of faint whispers into her ear, yet she…

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