Alice In Wonderland Film Analysis

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A Divergent in the Midst No one person’s personality is identical to another’s personality. To many people, embracing their indifferences may seem difficult. Through the art of film-making, Tim Burton makes his creative yet unique stories into movies. Burton’s charisma is portrayed through his movies, such as Edward Scissorhands and Alice in Wonderland. The main characters in the movies have the appearance and aspects of an outcast; therefore, they stand out in their society. Tim Burton uses misfit characters to show that people should embrace their unique attributes. Non-diegetic music is used to create the effect of innocence on the characters who do not fit into their society. In the scene where Edward is spotted carving an ice sculpture of an angel, the intended effect is that people will realize that Edward is a typical person, even though he may not look like one. When the peaceful music plays in the background, Edward seems innocent, and his way of finding himself is through …show more content…
In the movie, Alice in Wonderland, the opening scene is a flashback of Alice having a nightmare. The scene shows that even as a petite and fragile child, Alice still had the terrifying dreams of being adrift in wonderland. The flashback gives the audience prior knowledge to the fact that Alice has never been able to sleep as well as ordinary people, which makes her different. The scene also foreshadows future events that will take place in the story, including how Alice’s dream became a reality. However, in the movie, Edward Scissorhands, flashbacks shown in-between scenes allow the audience to see Edward’s life story played out on screen. For example, when Edward was hugging Kim, he thought about the time when his inventor was going to give him his own hands. The flashbacks in both of the scenes portray the characters’ haunting and unforgettable thoughts on

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