Tim Burton Film Style

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Tim Burton is a movie director that works his own style even in the places that want other things. He started his career in Disney animation, which didn’t work out very well in the end. He didn't enjoy his original job as a apprentice animator, and when they moved him the designing the original characters for new movie, Disney didn’t like the result. The general unhappiness caused Tim Burton to start his own projects. These movie he created, some of which include Charlie and Chocolate factory, Edward scissorhands, and Corpse Bride, were fully his own ideas, and these went over much better with critics and moviegoers. In his movies, it easy to see how he put his ideas into all of them in any subject matter. Tim Burton uses certain things throughout …show more content…
Close-up on grandpa george in his flashback of the little bird. Close up on Edwards fearful face early in the movie, when Peg finds him, and approached him. Close up on Emily as she talks to the maggot and spider after Victor said the wrong thing.
Tim Burton uses non-diegetic sound almost as often as diegetic sound to set the mood. The music alway represents the mood, for any character at any time. Non-diegetic danger music every time Augustus Gloop is shown in chocolate room. Non diegetic sound everytime Edwards uses his hands to cut something, which seems fast most of the time. There is danger music when the parents come in Corpse Bride.
Tim Burton uses the same techniques throughout all his movies to create the feelings in his movies, and creating his own style. The usage of sound, camera angles, and lighting create much of what makes a movie, feeling. Lighting is important, and it hold an important part through all his movies. Along with the basic lighting angles, he uses colors as well, often making the mood out of color, or the setting. Camera angles are often pointed at the character who’s feeling how Tim Burton wants the watcher to feel, to bring out sympathy in them and make them feel the same way. Sound adds to that effect, and

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