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  • Adulthood Vs Personhood

    Gordon 5 destroy to create an adult?’. The depressed person, however, is the inversion of child and adult in that they tread the traceable threads back to childhood, against the forces towing the line towards adulthood. The child garners much glee when they begin to walk: “‘Now we have heard enough of the tight-rope walker; let us see him, too!’”. A ‘tightrope state’ in the ethical imprisonment of the ‘child’ (the ‘self as other’) and ethical administration by the ‘adult’ (the ‘self for other’). For psychoanalysis, an adult’s desire derives from the other of having been a child: the separation from the womb institutes eternal ‘lacking’, sublimating persons into projected forms of other ‘be’-ings that are imbued with qualities to later on introject as an object of her/his desire. For postcoloniality, a subaltern adult’s endeavours are centralized to being that of an ‘underdeveloped child’: infantilized by the paternalism of historicity and logocentrism of ethnocentricity, sublating (will)power with (centrifugal)power by (dis)embodying the other of (de)humanity. If the other is unobtainable as the object of desire, if the other is to be irreducibly unknown to ethically unlearn of it, subjectivity, then, is the ‘self for other,’ and alterity, the ‘self as other’. The other actualizes self-desire, accentuates self-worth, realizes self-love, affirms self-truth. Is there an ‘identity’ of depression then? What the ‘child’ encounters then is not the ‘adult’ as other, but as self: one…

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  • What I Learned In My Life

    That day has significantly changed my life and my view on life. I no longer stress about the little mistakes I make. Instead, I take note of my mistakes, then I make sure to practice them until I will not make another mistake like that. I now also try to live my life to the fullest. Some on the things I had tried that I was scared to do are; bungee jumping, rock climbing without a rope, slacklining, cliff jumping, and ziplining without a harness. I am not afraid to do things like that anymore…

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