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  • Arguments Against Fanfiction

    In response to the question “What sexuality(s) do you identify as?”, only 29% of 4,000 of responders identified as heterosexual. Furthermore, in response to the question “Do you identify as belonging to a gender, sexual, or romantic minority?”, 53% of 9,589 responders answered yes. As a final point, though about 90% of respondents identified as fans of male/male slash, on about 30% identified as boy female and heterosexual (centrumlumina 2013). It seems that although the demographics of fanfiction…

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  • Drought In Canada Essay

    Canada accounts for roughly 7% of the forests in the world. This implies that Canada has an important role to manage their forests effectively. As we know, there are many factors that can disrupt the forest system, the two major groups of threats are seemed to be the natural disturbances and human activities. In terms of the human activities, such as farming and industrial development, are thought to be responsible for disrupting the forests. It is considered as rather a smaller effect in the…

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  • Christopherson's Article Summary: Forest Thinning And Forest Fires

    wildfire threat and which provides an opportunity for firefighters to work effectively and safely” (Christopherson 1). Christopherson explains that if forests are thinned, firefighters are capable of intervening in wildfires more easily, therefore keeping surrounding residents defended. Contrarily, the anonymous author of the article, Thinning Forests Won’t Prevent Fires on, claims that logging is the exact reason that forest fires spread. “Research has shown that thinning does…

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  • Deforestation: The Destruction Of Forests And The Environment

    capacity to absorb and store CO2, but when we are slashing and burning these forests, the impact is far more severe and it is an enormously damaging component of anthropogenic emissions. (REDD) Indonesia is the world 's fifth-ranking greenhouse gas emitter, coming in just behind Russia and India. (WRI) This year, the country has experienced nearly 100,000 fires so far this year. This past September and October and in the last few weeks of the dry season, there has been more fire activity…

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  • Archetypes In The Second Night Of Summer

    The short story, “The Second Night of Summer” by James Schmitz is of the fantasy genre, not the science fiction genre. The story itself is about an old Grandma who is tasked with saving a planet called Noorhut that is being targeted for destruction in a war between mankind and an alien race called the Halpa. On the surface Second Night may seem like a science fiction story, but the unexplained abilities of the characters, the majority of its elements being characterized more so as fantasy than…

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  • Character Analysis Of Chiguurh In No Country For Old Men

    I recently read the novel, No Country for Old Men. It was a very interesting and surprising novel for me to read. It was something that I have never read before. The plot and characters were interesting, especially Chigurh. I would have the say that Chigurh is my favorite character, not because he committed violent and horrendous acts, but because he is a very peculiar character. He is a unique character that I have never encountered before. In the novel, No Country for Old Men, Chigurh’s…

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  • Character Analysis Of Rules Of The Game By Amy Tan

    We have studied three short stories during this week. All three stories had one common factor of strong and impressive characters, and the character traits explained in the notes are well used and applied differently in each story. The story of “Rules of the Game” by Amy Tan is about a Chess prodigy who lived on Waverly Place in the Chinatown of San Francisco. Waverly Jong, is the major character in this story, she is the protagonist who self learned chess at a young age. Like the story tells,…

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  • Literary Techniques In The Turn Of The Screw

    Douglas, the teller of the story, appears to be addressing only him “you’ll easily judge” (James 117). The effect of this is that James makes the reader the ‘juror’ and invites us to critique the goings on in the story, and causing us to wonder what is real and what is not. It is this sense of wonderment and not knowing that causes the reader to be fearful of the story. The second narrator that James presents us with is Douglas, who knew the governess and gives her credibility. The prologue…

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  • The Day In Shadow Sahgal Character Analysis

    Householder. Her other work includes the novels such as Get Ready for Battle (1962), A New Dominion (1973), In Search of Love and Beauty (1983), Three Continents (1987), Poet and Dancer (1993), and Shards of Memory (1995). Mrs. Jhabavala seems conscious about the depiction of the real human being through her characters. Iyengar comments: In the world of Mrs. Jhabavala’s fiction, human beings appear always a little bit ludicrous, but some people, same situations, are more intrinsically funny…

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  • Short Summary: The Moths By Helena Viramontes

    We all have families that guide us to discover our identity and background, but does that mean we have to follow through the same traditions? The short story “The Moths” by Helena Viramontes tells the story of a fourteen-year-old who describes herself as unattractive, disrespectful and unlike other girls. Although she is mistreated and abused by her family she has an Abuelita who cares for her. She is then forced to care for her ailing Abuelita who is dying through her last days shaping her to…

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