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  • Essay On Snowboarding

    The jury is out!! Which facet of the fence do you sit on? Snowboarding has its location as a style drove recreation, and creating a declaration at the hill seems to be the manner ahead for most riders. So the query remains, why smash your appearance with a silly helmet? The answer for me is clear; you'll by no means see me using without a nicely geared up snowboarding helmet! It wasn't usually this manner... Once I discovered to experience, for as a minimum the primary three weeks I was satisfied in my cozy tea beanie... I notion I seemed the commercial enterprise with my Oakley shades (no goggles in sight) however then, as I changed into using bread and butter cat music between pistes, I stuck an edge at an insanely gradual pace and properly…

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  • Speech About Snowboarding

    Have you ever tried snowboarding? If you have,then great,but if you haven’t,these are some reasons why you should AT LEAST try it. Why not?The chance of getting hurt is 2-4/1000 each day.And, some of the most skilled people of the world (at anything) had to take the risk of actually trying it a first time and pushing through with it. Finally,don’t try once and quit.You have to push to get better at anything,including snowboarding. Why should you try?Snowboarding is a awesome,cool,fun sport.It…

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  • Narrative Essay On Snowboarding

    Spring Break, my 19 year old brother put together a group to go skiing and snowboarding. The Friday night after everyone was out of school and off work, we went on our way to Winter Park. My best friend, Jade, got to come on the trip as well and we learned to snowboard together. We had to tell ourselves to be open-minded and don’t expect it to come easy. The two of us picked it up pretty fast and had a blast. I felt that learning to snowboard was a goal that I had finally achieved and I couldn’t…

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  • Personal Narrative: Snowboarding

    Snowboarding Imagine walking outside in the winter time feeling a cold breeze come across your face when you come in contact with the crisp fresh air. As I step out of the ski lodge into the cold air, I get a spectacular view of the snow capped mountain. The snow sinks in as I step, it’s almost like walking on a cloud. I begin to get anxious as I walk down the icy slope to begin my first ever snowboarding lesson. When I get to the lesson area all the anxiousness and fear leaves my body and it…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Day Of Snowboarding

    It was a relatively frosty winter’s day, with a temperature of about eight degrees Fahrenheit. The weather was absolutely perfect for winter sports, and I was extremely excited to feel the fresh powder that fell from the night before. Today marks the first day of my snowboarding lessons and I could not wait to begin snowboarding. I rushed to put my snowboarding gear on, and then I travelled the short distance to the local resort just outside the condo my parents had rented. I arrived at the…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Winter Snow

    Another reason why winter is an amazing season is that is how fun it can be. The best way to have fun in the snow is by snowboarding. It is not something that you get to do often around here but the snow allows you to ride and do tricks almost anywhere. For some people snowboarding might be to hard so something easier that is equally as fun is sledding. All you have to do is get a sled and find a hill with snow on it and ride down it. If snowboarding and sledding are too cold for you, you can…

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  • Persuasive Essay: The Benefits Of Skiing

    Snowboarding is fairly simple, point it one direction and go. On skis, you have to control both skis and stay balanced. Snowboarding is very similar to other sports, such as, skateboarding, surfing, and wakeboarding. Skiing is one of a kind, you can only really water ski and snow ski, that’s about it. That shows how skiing can give you a unique feeling. Skiing is very important to me and my family. I go crazy when I can’t go skiing. When I see it snowing at school, I want to go skiing that…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Who Is The Surfer?

    powder anyway. He experimented with laminating glass and gravel on the board and also used nylon straps. His company "Winterstick" is to be considered as the first snowboard company ever. Jake Burton took part in those competitions and became really interested in the snurfer. For him it was a cool thing to do, not having the opportunity to go surfing (his parents would not buy him a board). But Burton was really serious about skiing. After breaking his collarbone in a car accident, he was not…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Snow Day

    On a snowy winter's day me and my brother were going snowboarding with my brothers friend. I was wearing big black fluffy snow pants and a big blue snow jacket and a black ski mask, Cody was wearing some big warm snow overalls and a handy down hunting jacket and a thin hat, Don was wearing grey small snow pants and a dark grey snow jacket and a bubble hat. All I could think about was snowboarding.We were all excited to get to the snow hill I didn't even think about my glasses or anything…

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  • Snowlifting Research Paper

    It was a sunny 56 degree day here in Beaver Creek, Colorado and I was ready to make my snowboarding debut. I woke up with a spark of energy and I was ready to go up to the lift, but first I had to go and get my purple and black snowboard. After I had my snowboard in hand I walked outside. While I was making my way up to the lift, my stomach was flipping 100mph and I saw all of the kids struggling to get on the lift. I was praying to God that I would not fail while trying to get on the lift. My…

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