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  • Seasonal Influenza Research Paper

    Vaccinating Children against the Seasonal Influenza Imagine yourself as a parent or a concerned third party and not having to worry about your child getting the flu every season. All of the school days the child is going to miss due to coming down with the seasonal flu. Now it is possible for many children to be immunized against the seasonal influenza viruses. Children, in particular, are more vulnerable than others; why? They tend to socialize with sick children without knowing It and their immune system is still growing. Children have the tendency to touch all different kinds of objects as they learn and grow, they may touch their eyes or nose and end up getting sick. Instead of depriving the children of being themselves and acting…

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  • Influenza Research Paper

    INTRODUCTION Two significantly important highly pathogenic infection diseases namely Legionellosis and Influenza remains even today a threat to global health. They can cause severe community-acquired pneumonia with respiratory failure but they can also generate hospital-acquired infections.1 Moreover Legionella infection could attribute to influenza infection. The cause of influenza was definitively resolved back in 1930s with the isolation of swine influenza; a virus which when administered…

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  • Canine Influenza Research Paper

    Canine influenza, or CIV for short, is an emerging pathogen that produces an acute respiratory infection in dogs. Originally, the hosts of the influenza virus were equine and avian animals who then passed the virus onto canines (Wang et al. 1). It is highly contagious and has two main causative strains. The H3N2 strain comes from avian animals, and the H3N8 strain comes from equine animals. The H3N2 strain of CIV first appeared in a limited capacity in 2007 in Asia until 2015, when it made…

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  • Influenza Research Papers

    Influenza, probably best known as "the flu”, is an infectious respiratory disease. Although the disease is often mild, it can also be life-threatening and causes serious infection and death each year, usually in the winter months. 250,000-500,000 deaths annually occur due to influenza viruses1–3. Particularly elderly people, people with a weakened immune system and people with pre-existing respiratory, cardiac and endocrine diseases are affected by complications3. Due to some pre-existing…

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  • Influenza Pandemic Research Paper

    The influenza pandemic of 1918 was a devastating period in both New Zealand and world history. Cited as the most devastating epidemic in recorded world history and responsible for more deaths than World War I, this influenza pandemic resulted in anywhere from 20 to 40 million deaths worldwide (Billings 1997:). The effect it had on New Zealand history was catastrophic, killing nearly 8,500 (Rice). Perhaps the most notable discrepancy in effect that the pandemic had on New Zealand population was…

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  • American Influenza Research Papers

    Influenza Tuskegee University Karina M. Caines NURS 320 March 27, 2017 TABLE OF CONTENTS Table of Contents Type chapter title (level 1) 1 Type chapter title (level 2) 2 Type chapter title (level 3) 3 Type chapter title (level 1) 4 Type chapter title (level 2) 5 Type chapter title (level 3) 6 ABSTRACT This is an in-depth clinical paper that will discuss the highly contagious respiratory tract illness, influenza, most commonly referred to as the flu. The purpose of this paper…

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  • Influenza Virus Research Paper

    The Influenza virus is a very common virus. Three to five million people are infected each year. There are 250,000 to 500,000 deaths from the influenza virus each year.( The most common people to get infected are: Pregnant women, young children or people with rather weak immune systems. There are so many side symptoms, that include: fever, headache, dry cough, sore throat, shaking chills, severe muscle or body aches, runny or stuffy nose and short term cases of fatigue. It also…

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  • Influenza Pandemics Research Paper

    The Challenges of Preventing an Influenza Pandemic on Populations of Developing Countries One of the most common illnesses is influenza. It is a contagious viral infection that usually affects the respiratory passages, causes severe symptoms, and can occur in an epidemic. An epidemic is the slow spread of an infectious disease to a large number of people in a population within a short period of time (Wikipedia). A pandemic is an epidemic outbreak of an infectious disease that can spread through…

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  • Research Paper On Influenza In 1918

    proportion and how fast it was spreading around. Miner then turned all of his time and effort to try and calm this flu down as soon as possible. Influenza was just a flu that started in a county named Haskell in Kansas. This flu came with an impact on a couple of cities. The first few cases went from Satanta to Sublette to Santa Fe to Jean to Copeland, and even to isolated farms. This was a very serious case of influenza that they have never seen before. This flu was known to be a very tough…

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  • Influenza Virus Research Papers

    Influenza virus infection (IVI): IVI is one of critical global health issues, which may cause the yearly and sporadic pandemic [1, 2]. IVI approximately costs on $71-167 billion per year in United States [3]. Influenza viruses are classified to RNA viruses and have three subunits; Influenza virus A, B and C. Type A viruses are mostly associated in human disease and are divided into subtypes depends on hemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase (NA) serotype [1]. In lung disease, IVI exacerbates…

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