Avian influenza

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  • Avian Influenza Essay

    Avian Influenza Avian Influenza (AI) commonly known as "bird flu" is an infectious viral disease of birds, especially wild waterfowl. Wild birds can be asymptomatic carriers spreading the virus, while domestic birds usually sicken and die in just a few days after contracting the virus. AI has been identified in over 100 different species of wild birds worldwide, with the majority of these being waterfowl (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). OVERVIEW I was unable to find a clear date for the imminence of AI in birds; however, the first human infection of highly pathogenic AI virus was detected in 1997 during a poultry outbreak in Hong Kong, China (World Health Organization). Since then AI has spread and been identified in over 16 countries…

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  • Avian Influenza Effect

    Avian Influenza and Its Effect on the Economy The ultimate goal of agriculture in the past, and as of now, was to suffice the people’s demand for food. As the population increased, farmers had to figure out how to meet this new demand, and decrease costs of production while maintaining the same level of productivity. This was no easy task, but over time, farmers, with their improved agricultural methods, brought about enormous yield gains. Horse drawn plows, mowers, railroads, cultivators,…

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  • Global Health

    These issues are clean water access and global hygiene measures, obesity, malaria, avian influenza, and the pollution of air. My target populations are all over the place, considering the vast differences between each issue. I hope to target each place around the world that does not have clean water access and build wells until everyone has enough to drink globally and no one has to go thirsty. In order to increase disease prevention in developing countries, we must place a high value on…

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  • Swine Flu Or H1N1 Influenza

    This report investigates the disease Swine flu, also known as human swine influenza or H1N1 Influenza. An outbreak of this disease has already occurred in the recent past as it made headlines back in 2009 when it was declared a pandemic because of the factors that is was a contagious disease quickly affecting many people throughout the world or on multiple continents at once. The virus had not previously been identified meaning the flu had extreme research put into so that information on it…

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  • Canine Influenza Research Paper

    Canine influenza, or CIV for short, is an emerging pathogen that produces an acute respiratory infection in dogs. Originally, the hosts of the influenza virus were equine and avian animals who then passed the virus onto canines (Wang et al. 1). It is highly contagious and has two main causative strains. The H3N2 strain comes from avian animals, and the H3N8 strain comes from equine animals. The H3N2 strain of CIV first appeared in a limited capacity in 2007 in Asia until 2015, when it made…

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  • Influenza Virus: Pandemics

    Influenza is one of the major respiratory virus that causes nearly annual epidemics and occasional pandemics. Influenza epidemics generally occur in the winter months in the Northern hemisphere and May-September in the Southern hemisphere (Cox et al, 2004). This virus belongs to the genus Orthomyxovirus in the family of Orthomyxoviridae. Influenza A viruses are enveloped RNA virus with eight RNA segments that encodes for upto 11 viral genes ( Lamb &Krug ,2001, Fields virology, 4th edt. ).The…

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  • American Influenza Research Papers

    Influenza Tuskegee University Karina M. Caines NURS 320 March 27, 2017 TABLE OF CONTENTS Table of Contents Type chapter title (level 1) 1 Type chapter title (level 2) 2 Type chapter title (level 3) 3 Type chapter title (level 1) 4 Type chapter title (level 2) 5 Type chapter title (level 3) 6 ABSTRACT This is an in-depth clinical paper that will discuss the highly contagious respiratory tract illness, influenza, most commonly referred to as the flu. The purpose of this paper…

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  • The Forbidden City

    Since the ancient days, mankind has always dreamt to explore the unknown, be it a neighboring city or a faraway continent. With the advent of affordable commercial air travel, the opportunity to explore these places is bigger than ever before, shortening a few months’ worth of traveling by sea into mere hours by air. Thanks to this development, countries from across the globe have established countless points of interest as major income sources. But just like how fire catches, it has also…

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  • Influenza Viruses

    The influenza virus has become so deadly, due to its ability to mutate seasonally, through a process called reassortment. This involves the recombination of large genetic segments from several viral strains, which causes small genetic changes to be passed on to create a new type of daughter virus (4). Influenza viruses can do this by antigenic drift, which is when” dominant strains from the previous year have changed its surface structure enough to make the effectiveness of the flu vaccine…

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  • FSIS Case Study

    An example of a risk assessment conducted by FSIS was for the “highly pathogenic avian influenza virus. This assessment was intended, as stated by an executive summary given by the FSIS, was initially to “estimate the exposure and potential human illness from the consumption of HPAIV-contaminated poultry, shell eggs and egg products from the index flock” and secondly, if the virus was ever exposed in the U.S, how effective are the FSIS’s strategies to prevent the virus from spreading. Moreover…

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