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  • Women In Advertising

    the addition of men also includes images of knee-highs. Changes in fashion no longer require men to wear high stockings, however stockings in 2015 is so closely associated with sexy and women that men seemed to switch to a whole other term to call their piece of clothing for their feet. This lead to a search of the word socks which showed mainly just the product, therefore the product did not have a strong association with either gender. Socks are also footwear that was knitted or woven and ”usually worn under shoes and extending above the ankle and sometimes to the knee.” Another search completed on ProQuest, an online database for the entirety of Vogue since its first issue, indicates that hosiery (figure 3) has fallen out of favor now compared to the 1890s, and while stockings (figure 4) is not as popular as back in the 20s, it is still used right now. Interestingly, socks (figure 5) have gained popularity in the 80s. Technically, all three terms describe the same item with similar material, however there is clearly a gender association with hosiery and stockings. As these two terms became increasingly associated with women and sexiness, men had to turn to socks to appear less feminine yet still be able to wear cloth on their feet. Advertising has unknowingly seeped into our vocabulary and created limitations in our vocabulary by adding gender to our day to day objects, redefining their meaning, use and connotations. The power of advertising using sex has not only defined…

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  • Science Autobiography

    Science Autobiography My first memories of science lessons in elementary school are from kindergarten, when we made sock puppets filled with dirt and grass seed. The grass grew out of the top of the sock puppet, and created a sort of hair for it. I thought it was the greatest thing ever. When I got the chance to bring it home, I put it in the window in the kitchen, so everyone could see it. I was so proud of that thing. In first grade we raised butterfly eggs into larvae to a chrysalis, into…

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  • Compression Socks Research Paper

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Compression Socks Athletes, runners, and gym rats wearing tight-fitting undergarments is a common sight today. So common, that compression gear may seem more like a fad instead of a necessity for active people. However, compression clothing has actually been in existence for a long time. Compression socks were primarily used for patients with venous disease or diabetes as well as by airplane pilots because they are designed to help the blood flow down towards…

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  • Personal Narrative: Bob The Builder Socks

    The oldest pair of socks I still own is my Bob the Builder socks. I got for Christmas when I was only four years old. I am more than glad that I still have them because it built up my admiration for socks. Those Bob the Builder socks are my lucky pair of socks. I have probably worn them every year in preparation for a piano recital, school play, benefit show, baseball game, math test, or whatever is thrown my way. No matter how hard I try, those Bob the Builder socks don’t fit my size eleven…

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  • Ode To My Socks Poem Analysis

    Ode To My Socks/The Waking In the poem “Ode To My Socks”, is devoting his feelings about the socks Maru Mori gave to him as a present. The author, Pablo Neruda explains in many metaphors how the socks appeal to the one who received them with such admiration. This poem is a free verse, since it does not have a rhyme, nor tone to it. Although in the end, the narrator ends up happily wearing the socks, and gives a moral in the end. According to the beginning of the poem, it can see that the…

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  • Creative Writing: My Dearest Banana Socks

    My Dearest Banana Socks, John Legend once said, “You’re my end and my beginning, even when I lose I’m winning.” With you, banana socks, I am always a winner. Love is what keeps someone going. It’s the feeling of compassion and affection that allows one to believe that they can achieve the impossible. Love is something no one can live without and this is how I know that I love you. You have been with me through everything, warmed my soul, and shown the strongest loyalty possible. From the very…

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  • A Comparison Of Socks In Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone

    In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Dumbledore says, “One can never have enough socks.” Socks, such commonplace things that no one really notices them until they are gone and no one seems to ever have enough. No one knows where they go when they inevitably disappear. Socks are metaphors for the little things in our life that we barely notice and only miss when they’re gone, maybe forever. Maybe it’s the stranger that smiles at you when you walk by, maybe it’s the piece of art that has…

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  • Essay Why Should Men Use Compression Socks

    Why Should Men Use Compression Socks? We live in a world where people are always busy with their jobs and life. No one has really time for anything else. Literally, they work like machines. They spend lots of hours in their workspace sitting on the same chair, cabin and in the same position. They have a clogged life, and they do not get any real time to relax. The constant eruption of the various bodily processes causes different kind of problems and disorders. We often feel pain in the…

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  • Golf Compression Logs

    counter poor circulation will be to use a pair of golf compression socks. Walking will work the muscles in your legs and help to pump blood through the body. Anytime there is a reduction of blood flow in the legs, they can start to feel tired and heavy. The worst result could be an increase in swelling due to a build up of fluid and blood in the legs.…

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  • Hiking Boots Research Paper

    Begin by wearing your boots for short timeframes with similar socks you will wear to hike in. Only putz around your home was wearing them for a day or two and perceive how they feel. If there are no tight spots or rubbing, continue with wearing them outside a couple of times when you do some light errands or yard work or simply walking your puppy. The key is to progressively put some mileage on them and enable the boots to relax up and assuage a portion of the new stiffness. Contingent upon the…

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