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  • Man On Wire Film Analysis

    sadly familiar footage: Construction workers and huge trucks and cranes, at work in the footprint of one of the WTC towers. At first I thought this was film of the clean-up after 9/11. As the scene develops, I realized I was watching an early stage in the construction of the towers. The film shows the towers growing, huge steel beams being lifted, the puzzle being put together. As it happens, 9/11 is not even mentioned in the film, which is the right decision, I think. "Man on Wire" is about the vanquishing of the towers by bravery and joy, not by terrorism. We meet Philippe Petit, a French wire-walker, magician, unicyclist and street performer, who tells us he was sitting in a dentist's office when…

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  • Madame De Pompadour Research Paper

    separated from Le Normant; was then known as Louis XV head mistress. She was talented in many things, such as acting, singing, and seducing. She always amazed the King with the plays she put together and performed in. The King was very devoted to Madame; he even took upon himself to be Fanfan stepfather. When she became ill, he had doctors by her side everyday, before turning 10 years of age Alexandrine past away. Madame de Pompadour never went the same about life after losing her daughter.…

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  • Pattek Rhetorical Analysis In Advertising

    Patek Philippe fabricates premium watches made in Switzerland, which are status symbols of social standing, success in business and good taste. Being a high-end luxury timepiece, it is globally recognized as a watch with old world craftsmanship, quality and design. Therefore, it is a challenge for a company to advertise a watch, which is priced far beyond the means of the average citizen, in a way to reach an affluent population. However, the message needs to promote their watches to be more…

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  • Man On Wire Tightrope

    walker, it is a beacon to those who sit back quietly, and for ones who never pursue their dreams and desires. The film goes back in time to tell the story of how Philippe Petit daringly tightrope walks across a cable at the very top of the Twin Towers. Facing all odds, Philippe and his band of fellow Frenchman defeat the odds as they create a milestone in history which will exist in the record books forever. Director, James Marsh forces the audience to follow along with the riveting story of…

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  • Other Wes Moore Legacy

    Ever since the beginning of mankind, humans have pondered the purpose of their existence. Throughout history, a variety of philosophers, as well as authors, have asserted what they think to be the meaning of life. Philippe Petit’s To Reach the Clouds: My High Wire Walk Between the Twin Towers, Colum McCann’s Let the Great World Spin, and Wes Moore’s The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates all offer a unique outlook on the age old question of human existence. The authors of these books assert…

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  • Philippe Duc D Orleans

    Philippe Duc D’Orleans, mainly referred to as simply Monsieur, was the younger brother of Louis XIV, the renowned Le Roi-Soleil. Philippe was born on September 21, 1640 at the Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Philippe was a prominent member of the Bourbon dynasty, and when he was baptized his father, Louis XIII, wanted to give him the title of Count of Artois, however, he followed tradition and bestowed Philippe with title of Duke of Anjou. His life and upbringing was oriented around the…

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  • Walden, By Henry David Thoreau

    Last year, I read Walden for my English class and it helped me understand performance art and how I want to approach college. Walden is a book by Henry David Thoreau that chronicles his decision to live on a small farm named Walden away from the constraints of society, searching for “higher life.” I expected to read a morality tale about how we should all go back to pre-civilized times and leave evil technology behind. It’s the same presumption I had for art. I thought art was always supposed to…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Myth Of Sisyphus

    morning hike is a series of struggles: my lungs clambering for oxygen, heart tirelessly pumping blood, and muscles straining to keep up with my pace, but I embrace the struggle. I find my own form of truth and contentment along the uphill journey. It’s my belief that just barely finding the will to take the next step, and then suddenly discovering yourself unable to resist taking another, is among the most unique and surreal experiences a person can have. While my body teeters at the edge of…

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  • Analysis Of Colum Mccann's Let The Great World Spin

    described as a “dark toy against the cloudy sky”(pg. 3). The man was a funambulist: and one who was attempting to walk between the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center. While the public grew antsy, unaware of the wire between the two buildings, they saw a dark object fall from the sky, “The body twirled and caught and flipped, thrown around by the wind. Then a shout sounded across the watchers, a woman’s voice:God, oh God, it’s a shirt, it’s just a shirt,” (pg. 7) The setting of this day…

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  • Let The Great World Spin By Column Mccann: Character Analysis

    significant to show Jaslyn’s change of legacy. Column McCann reveals that she is an accountant and that she attended Yale University, which is very different from what her mother and grandmother did for a living. Jaslyn states, “...She comes from a long line of hookers, that her grandmother died in a prison cell… that she got sent to Yale”(329). She has truly worked hard and took many opportunities which helped her in the future. She is the epitome of hope in the novel since she was able to turn…

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