Madame De Pompadour Research Paper

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The 17th century up to the early 18th century is considered one of my favorite time periods. It is just something about the way the people spoke to one another, the way they wore their hair, and the way they dressed that always caught my eye, especially the women. Madame de Pompadour was the person I have chosen to write about for my research paper. I chose Pompadour because I read a brief summary of her life story seeing that she was born into the 17th century and I happened to like that time period got my full attention. Also, I have chosen her because she was well known during her lifetime. There were several sparkles and flames she was introduced to throughout her life.
Jeann-Antionette Poisson, also known as Madame de Pompadour, was born on December 29, 1721 in Paris, France. She was the child of Madeleine de La Motte who was known for her beauty and Francois Poisson was her father who was a financier. She also had a brother who went by the name Abel Francois Poisson. Years after Madame birth, her father fled the country to resist from being killed for committing fraud. Even though Francois Poisson returned years later; Charles Le Normant de
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Madame Pompadour was known for the lavish style she had. Pompadour influenced fashion during her time period. She was well known for elegant silk gowns, her natural beauty, and her hairstyle. As seen in her painting (See Figure 4.1) would usually be seen in a Robe รก la Francaise with an eschelle stomacher, and a matching petticoat at the opening of her dress. Panniers (Figure 4.2) were use to widen her dresses and engageants ruffles were used at the end her sleeves, seeing that these items were very popular during her time period. She accessorizes with Bergere hats, neck ruffles, pearls, and use buckles on her heels (See Figure 4.3). Most of the time Madame de Pompadour were seen in pastel colors; which represent the Rococo

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