Informative Speech On French Noblemen

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As most of you know, recently the King called for a meeting with the Three Estates called The General Estates. Many high-class people attending this meeting and it is my job to tell you the general attire for people of this rank. Each class of people usually dresses differently for these types of assemblies but I am here to talk to you about the Noblemen. Toward the end of the 18th century men’s clothing style changed drastically. The got rid of the extravagant colors and decorations and they wore dark clothes with little or no decorations. The whole outfit consists of a coat (usually one solid color), a shirt under that, pants and leggings. Now im going to take you back in time to study how French Noblemen dressed As most of you know, recently …show more content…
Now im going to take you back in time to study how French Noblemen dressed Every part of clothing is made to perfection; from the buttons to the stiches every little thing is perfectly detailed. The sleeves on most of the shirts are narrow and long, so that the frills at the end of the shirt could now be seen. One part of the body that shall never be shown is there legs. Men and Women will both wear either white or black leggings depending on the color of their outfit. Make-up is a huge part of the noble mans outfit, they would use make-up to whiten their face and to make there cheeks red. Another common clothing item around this time was “pantalones a pont,” a style of pants adopted from British sailors. The skirts of waistcoats stuck out away from the mans hips with padding and knee breeches that fit tightly around the leg. Each mans coat and undershirt was always unique tot them. It would be very rare for you to find two people wearing the same exact decoration and color. The way that men dress tells a lot about them like: There class, there personality, and even age. It will be interesting to see how the ways high-class men dress evolves as time goes on because for all we know in the future men will only be wearing shorts and a

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