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  • 18th Century Women

    New innovations and breakthroughs of the 17th and 18th centuries encouraged a small number of talented women scientists to create their own theories about the natural world. These women scientists carried out their own experiments; in addition to that they even published their results. Women in the Scientific Revolutionary era had very little proper training in the sciences, all the reading and studying was done on their own. As seen throughout time, these particular women were shamed, because it wasn’t a norm. We see a diverse fascination with natural sciences in Europe and America. These particular women can be seen shadowing male scientists during their time. Different fields of study were focused on: Botany, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, Medicine, Natural History, and so on. During this 18th century era especially, both men and women became interested in several scientific fields, this is where term naturalists came about. Naturalist will become a well known term that carries on to the…

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  • Homosexuality In 18th Century Essay

    Assumptions of Homosexuality in 18th Century Composers Phillip Brett begins his article on issues of sexuality in 18th century music with an observation from 20th century composer Virgil Thompson, who noted that no one in music ever talked about homosexuality. This assertion is quickly contradicted with a quote from Havelock Ellis, who states that “It has been extravagantly said that all musicians are inverts.” Ellis uses the dated psychological term “inverts” to refer to those displaying…

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  • Women's Rights In The Late 18th Century

    The Woman rights are a extremely large topic and controversy people around the world have heard of or have talked about. Individuals now in days have a large amount of things to say about woman rights and have a strong opinion about it. In the 17th century or even the early 18th century, woman rights where none existing. Even though now we have women’s rights, women are still, not being treated equally as men. We now live in a world where everything is exceeding, everything is improving and…

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  • 18th Century Fashion Research Paper

    The 18th centuries were a time of elegance and knowledge, but the most striking of all were the over-the-top fashion and beauty statements. All people in this time were poised, graceful, and their makeup and fashion always looked intriguing. Some things that played a role in the fashion and beauty world were shoes, makeup, teeth, hair, and even wigs! Shoes had many purposes in fashion and everyday life. Makeup was what made men and women look “perfect”. Having white teeth was wanted by everyone.…

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  • Meals In America During The 18th Century

    America would receive more than 50,000 convicts in the 18th century. Meals in America varied according to the various ethnic groups that resided there. The English preferred boiled or broiled meats, making a stew with potatoes and vegetables. Bread of plum pudding was the common dessert, while low alcohol content beer was safer to drink than water, even for children and infants. Cooking over a large open fireplace often set a dress on fire. Like everywhere, prostitution reigned as the most…

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  • Garrick's Impact On Restoration And The 18th Century

    Restoration and the 18th century began in 1660 and lasted until 1798. Though this period is short compared to most eras, it has had a huge impact on present day America. However, before the Restoration Period the theatres were closed in 1642. Playwrights such as John Gay began executing the use of satire as well as actor David Garrick changing the way actors performed. Restoration was a giant leap in the right direction for drama; it challenged the traditional views and poured the foundation…

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  • Essay On Whiskey Rebellion

    Within the American Frontier there were multiple political, economical, and social changes through various rebellions in the 18th century. One of the four rebellions during this time was the March of the Paxton Boys. Many Pennsylvanian men had become outraged with the government because it was paying for the protection of Native Americans. During this “march”, 20 Conestoga Indians by 57 drunkard Pennsylvanians. Politically to hear out the rebellious men, Benjamin Franklin had marched with…

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  • Madame De Pompadour Research Paper

    The 17th century up to the early 18th century is considered one of my favorite time periods. It is just something about the way the people spoke to one another, the way they wore their hair, and the way they dressed that always caught my eye, especially the women. Madame de Pompadour was the person I have chosen to write about for my research paper. I chose Pompadour because I read a brief summary of her life story seeing that she was born into the 17th century and I happened to like that time…

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  • Daniel Kelson Quotes

    Mendoza the Jew and Religious Tolerance Religious prosecution against Jews was prevalent all throughout European history. The story of Daniel Mendoza in Schechter and Clarke’s graphic history novel Mendoza the Jew perfectly embodies religious prosecution in eighteenth century England. Daniel Mendoza, an 18th century Jewish boxer, fought a battle in and out of the ring against religious prosecution in late 1700’s England. Being born into a deeply religious Jewish family Daniel learned the…

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  • Pride And Prejudice Analysis Essay

    Pride and Prejudice Analysis Pride and Prejudice was written by Jane Austen and set in eighteenth century England. The story is told from the point of view of the main character Elizabeth, or Lizzy, Bennet where she is the second oldest of five daughters with a marriage obsessed mother and a father that could care less about the martial status of his five daughters. This was one of Austen’s most famous novels; published in 1813, as it satirizes issues Austen noticed in this time period she…

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