19 Kids and Counting

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  • Duggar Family Media Analysis

    began hosting a weekly show featuring the Duggar family in 2008; it began as “17 Kids & Counting,” progressed “18 Kids & Counting” in 2009, and has aired as “19 Kids & Counting” since 2010. Throughout the specials and the weekly programming, the focus is on the ins and outs of raising a large family, addressing such topics as finances and laundry, grocery shopping and education, chores and caring for siblings, as well as education, dating, clothing, and vacations. Portrayal of Deviance As one of the children states in the introduction to each episode, “We are not a typical family…” (TLC-a). While there are a number of aspects of the Duggars’ family life that could be considered atypical (for example, living debt free, homeschooling, and strong religiosity), the crux of the storyline is the fact that this family is much larger than…

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  • Touch Weekly: Helpful Or Harmful?

    the Oprah Winfrey show prior to 2015, the InTouch story created the first viral telling [3]. Discovery Communications, the parent company of TLC, began their crisis communications in already hot water. The In Touch Weekly release happened to align with a 19 Kids and Counting marathon, which continued until late in the afternoon although the Duggars had responded within hours [4]. This analysis looks at the other actions taken by Discovery Communications and TLC following the public’s awareness…

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  • Counting On And Jana Duggar Character Analysis

    Fans of 19 Kids and Counting have been very vocal that they want to see Jana Duggar find love someday. There have been a lot of rumors over the years that Jana was courting, but now it looks like there is a good chance that something is happening for her. Design & Trend shared an extended preview of the upcoming season of Jill & Jessa: Counting On and Jana Duggar has everyone curious what she means by her part of the preview clip. HAIR BY CHELYNN NEWS Jana Duggar - After Jana Duggar was…

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  • Dugar Girls Count On Analysis

    When it comes to the Duggar girls, everyone wants to know if they are courting yet. Jessa and Jill are now married, but the other older Duggar girls appear to still be single. Now a new preview for Jill & Jessa: Counting On has the fans hopeful that Jinger and Jana Duggar could be courting. The Hollywood Gossip shared a preview where Jana and Jinger are both asked about courting. The producer is trying to get some answers out of Jana and John David Duggar. He asks them which one will be the…

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  • Josh Duggar Scandal Case Study

    settle out of court since the lawsuit was brought against Josh but Matthew McCarthy wants a trial. He is likely asking for a huge amount for damages associated with lost wages and harassment. The idea that Duggar will have to answer questions about why he used the photo, what his intentions were, and some other questions McCarthy's lawyer will drag out is likely unsettling to the family and the TLC network. There has been no comment on the ongoing lawsuit from Jim Bob or Michelle Duggar and it…

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  • Michelle Duggar Analysis

    on to talk about how great Jim Bob is with their children. Michelle actually went to their family blog to share her thoughts and wish him a very happy Father's Day. Michelle explained that she feels very blessed to be his wife and shared that he is a Godly example for their kids. Michelle goes on to talk about how Jim Bob loves spending time with their children and with Michelle. It does look like Michelle and Jim Bob won't be having anymore children, but she shared about having great memories…

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  • Reality Tv Influence

    reality television should be limited. Many television channels have dedicated their time on creating television shows and one of the most growing types of shows are reality shows. With so many reality shows scandals will also break out. Some reality shows already had scandals spread on the media. Reality shows could be about a family other are about strangers staying in a house. One popular reality show that had people talking was the 19 Kids and Counting show. It seemed as if the Duggar family…

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  • Dor In This World Character Analysis

    rooftop and take care of them. Culturally, when person is married, they are expected to live alone or independently and separated from parents, but it did not work properly because Dor does not earn even as rich as Nim, his friend who became a king, wearing a purple robe who had many slaves. Every human has pride to be respected. Sometimes it encountered on those who exactly find own interest, realize for what they want to be instead of being push to be someone they refuse. This happen to Dor…

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  • Erikson Personal Development Theory

    autonomy vs shame and doubt which occurs in late infancy and toddlerhood (Santrock, p. 19). My mother also informed me that as I got older, I was a quiet child but I was interested in learning and participating in new things. She explained to me that every time there were new arts and crafts activities I would sit down and ask if I could participate and engage in whatever appeared to be interesting to me. This specifically occurred one…

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  • Avalanche Essay

    “I thought I was dead, the last thing I remembered was counting my breaths.” This was said by Will Johnson, who survived an avalanche that killed seven Alberta school kids. Avalanches happen in many different ways, can kill more than 150 people worldwide each year, but people can be safe with the right tools. Avalanches have many triggers that can cause them to happen, including overloading, temperature, slope angles, snow peak condition, or vibration. Overloading is the most common. It happens…

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