18th Century Women

New innovations and breakthroughs of the 17th and 18th centuries encouraged a small number of talented women scientists to create their own theories about the natural world. These women scientists carried out their own experiments; in addition to that they even published their results. Women in the Scientific Revolutionary era had very little proper training in the sciences, all the reading and studying was done on their own. As seen throughout time, these particular women were shamed, because it wasn’t a norm. We see a diverse fascination with natural sciences in Europe and America. These particular women can be seen shadowing male scientists during their time. Different fields of study were focused on: Botany, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, Medicine, Natural History, and so on.
During this 18th century era especially, both men and women became interested in several scientific fields, this is where term naturalists came about. Naturalist will become a well known term that carries on to the
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With women’s assistance science was able to be solved in different matters such as societal and environmental issues. The Women 's Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by Ellen Swallow Richards was the launch of this movement. In the United States, the founding of land-grant colleges and universities amplified the necessity for staff, predominantly in agriculture and further vocational education fields. The role that women in science play today is incredibly important. We have seen the struggles women have overcome to become influential leaders. From being underestimated in the male world to being looked at as only a homemaker. But we have triumphed and many women past and present have observed, experimented, and produced scientific ideas. This is an accomplishment of the female gender to be proud of and keep living the

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