The Stereotypes And Discrimination Of Women In The STEM Field

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Any female in the STEM field goes in knowing that she will be a part of the minority. Most girls are told be prepared to be in classes where the majority is boys. Most adults tell them that they should not get distracted by the boys, and their fellow girls say that they are so lucky to be surrounded by boys. It is as if girls cannot be in a class to actually learn, but instead their only focus is on being around boys. A female in STEM is already fighting the stereotype because the STEM field is predominantly male. They are working against the odds and are bound to face at least some prejudices and discrimination solely because they are females. In the engineering field, there is already a pre-established notion that most engineers are men. …show more content…
This is known as benevolent sexism, which sees women as weak and in need of help. In a study done by Gloria Fraser, Danny Osborne, and Chris G. Sibley (2015), they tried to question how people primarily men felt toward affirmative action for women. This is used to promote the hiring of women and reducing sexism. A man who has benevolent sexist beliefs may be pro-gender based affirmative action because he believes women need this extra boost in order to get jobs (Fraser, Osborne, & Sibley, 2015). However, a man who has social dominance belief may not agree with this because it is reverse discrimination or less qualified women will get the job because employers need to stick to a quota. Then there is the idea in which that women must choose between their family and their job. Certain employers try to cater to this idea by having a Gender Focal Points, which is meant to help women balance their family and their career (Women Changing Face). This is a great benefit, but there are some women that do not want a family, but for some reason employers feel the need to enforce that their greatest benefit for women is helping them be connected with their families. This proves how these sexist beliefs whether intentional or not are harming women as well as their chances to improve themselves in the STEM field. These …show more content…
She went through as much schooling as the men, and earned her job the same way they did. In fact, a woman should feel proud of herself because she was already able to overcome boundaries while these men had it easy. These women should also feel motivated to stay in their jobs so that they can inspire other young women to join the STEM field. The only way to stop gender roles is to keep challenging them, and by that more women need to study and be successful in these male dominated careers. A way in which these women can challenge these roles is to promote and publicize their success. Therefore, groups like WISE, Women in Science and Engineering, WIN, Women in Nuclear, and other STEM chapters, which promote women in STEM are important because women in college can see successful women in their field. They can be paired with mentors, which are normally women in the workforce, and this will help inspire these girls to want to continue their education (WIN). These women should realize that they are the future of engineering and are helping inspire many young

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