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  • Summary Of A Knight's Own Book Of Chivalry

    A Knight’s Own Book of Chivalry by Geoffroi De Charny outlines the concept of chivalry and establishes the ideal conduct of knights of medieval era of the Hundred Year Was between France and Britain. The book goes over the many ways in which knights must conduct themselves to preserve their honor and capabilities of a knight, whether it be in acts of courtship, piety, or military prowess. Charny organizes the book by distinguishing the types of actions and qualities that are chivalrous and exemplify knighthood. He also goes over the conduct of knights and how knights should act to maintain their honor and uphold the prestige of knighthood, along with the importance of serving their lieges, kings, and lords, and the vices that Charny advises against knights from partaking in, to remain worthy knights. Charny begins the book by identifying the deed and types of men-at-arms that exemplify chivalry and honorable practice of knighthood. He identifies those who conduct and seek out to do deeds-of-arms such as acts of battle such as sword fighting and jousting whether it be for tournaments, war or for the sake of journeys and pilgrimages are considered worthy knight of praise and renown. Charny emphasizes that knights who do many of deeds-of-arms and further their military exploits are worthy knights as it is honorable of them to perform such feats, as they risk death, harm, finance, and dishonor to further their reputation and prowess as knights. Furthermore,…

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  • Female's Role In The Jesus Movement

    In the New Testament, Junia, Pricilla, Phoebe, and Mary Magdalene were four females with leadership roles in the Jesus movement. These females were deaconesses, evangelists, educators, or preachers. The New Testament provides insight into the debate of female leadership and ordination during the early church movement; a debate that continues now. Certain Christian denominations today permit female ordination, while other denominations stand firm against female pastors; both use the New Testament…

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  • Pope Francis First Speech

    It was on the second day of the assembly that Bergoglio was elected as the 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Right from the beginning, Cardinal Bergoglio has defied the norms and formalities of the position. On March 16th, he stood in front of thousand of journalists and told them that he took the words spoken to him by Cardinal Hummes to hearts - ‘Don’t forget the poor’ - and thusly, chose to be named after St. Francis of Assisi, “the man of poverty, the man of peace, the man who loves…

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  • Cardinal Wolsey King Henry Viii Diction

    It is extremely distressing to hear that you have been expelled from your job. It is extremely infuriating, however, if you never expect that you will be removed from your occupation especially if you think that you are doing a superb job. Cardinal Wolsey experience this sensation as he receives a letter from his king, Henry VIII, that effectively removed him from his position as an advisor for his monarch. In his soliloquy, Cardinal Wolsey uses a choice diction and a furious tone to express his…

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  • Kurt Warner: An Inspiring NFL Player

    He was with the cardinals and as stated in the documentary NFL Life: Kurt warner, he then knew his purpose was to help bring the Cardinals to the super bowl, he was to help train them and make them a better team. In, the 2007 offseason and 2008 season he made them practice and worked in the rain to get better and push through to get to this goal. He wanted to help make them a better team and as such they got to SuperBowl XLIII, with such close goals they lost the Pittsburg Steelers 27-23. Though…

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  • Theories Of Virtue

    Modern day philosophers tend to begin crafting their theories around the question of, what is the right thing to do? By doing so, theories they create are fundamentally different than those created by ancient philosophers whom began by asking, which traits make one an ethical person? With ancient and modern philosophers beginning their theories with different questions, the theories they develop vary. Modern philosophers have developed theories such as the Social Contract and Utilitarianism,…

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  • Cardinal Virtue In Plato's Republic

    Platos republic is a study in the question; 'What is justice and how is it achieved". Plato recounts a discussion between Socrates and other notable philosophers in which they attempt to answer this question and discover what exactly constitutes justice in an idividual. After the peers of Socrates present many hypotheses - which he finds all to be flawed- he attempts a solution to the question with the following comparison. Justice is achieved in man in the same way it is within the state;…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Day At Media Elementary School

    On Tuesday, October 20, 2015, I spent the day at Media Elementary School in the Rose Tree Media School District assisting 4th-grade teacher Mrs. Williamson. Mrs. Williamson is a teacher with 23 years of experience and she spent most her career with Media Elementary School. The school day for the students begins at 9:00 am and ends at 3:30 pm. I was supposed to report at 8:45 am as the teacher began preparing for the class few minutes before the students entered the classroom. I reached there at…

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  • Native American Shield Analysis

    collection of nearly 100 shield paintings”. Nagy goes on to say how most Cheyenne war shields feature the key elements of the four cardinal directions, a central circle (usually the sun or moon), and a great crest. The Cheyenne shields overall had a very, almost cosmological point of design with the suns, moons, and sometimes stars they features. The four cardinal direction representation on war shields was a very Cheyenne influenced tradition. A very strong example of this cardinal direction…

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  • Analysis Of Shearing The Sheep

    • Rectangular painting, divided into top third roof and lower thirds is ground, the floor board. • Scene is set in daytime, in a building with brown pillars that has sheep with the wools being shaved. • The colours of the floor board and the sheep are consistently pale browns with their skin and shaved wool cream in colour; the rooftop of the building is dark, predominantly browns, with black lines between it for the right side of the roof top, and dark grey rectangular on the left side. • The…

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