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  • What Is Viking Barbarity?

    . Instead, demonstrating how “they were no more violent than anybody else, they were no less civilised than anybody else” (Winroth, 2013) of their time. Professor of archaeology at Stockholm university, Ingmar Jansson, states that “The Norsemen were not just warriors, they were farmers, artists, shipbuilders and innovators”, as well as a host of other vocations. Despite a quarter of the modern Orkney genome appearing to come from Norwegian Vikings, the lack of Danish DNA in modern descendants of Anglo-Saxons despite their long campaign, suggests the original belief of Viking barbarity was not as true as previously thought, because if there was as much rape as claimed, there would have been some trace of it in these modern genetics. The Vikings were primarily farmers and herdsmen, growing grains and vegetables during summer, as well as raising farm animals. They were also democrats, and founded the world’s oldest surviving parliament, the Althing, while Britain was still mired in feudalism, and there were annual meetings where representatives of the entire population discussed important matters and settled legal disputes. The large amount of archaeological discoveries of combs, tweezers and ear cleaners also suggests the Vikings had excellent hygiene. The Vikings, like most people, tried to avoid actual fighting for as long as possible. The Annals of St Bertin record the Vikings stating, “it is better for you to pay off this spear-fight with tribute…nor have we any need to…

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  • John Stuart Mill Liberty Analysis

    “John Stuart Mill and Liberty” John Stuart Mill was one of the leading philosophers in the Victorian Age of England. Mill believed in Liberalism where society was best served by the maximum number of people being free with minimal government. He was born into a comfortable home in London in 1806 in a time when the Industrial Revolution was transforming England. Mill had no formal education and practiced no religion but was was schooled at home in order to become a perfect utilitarian. This…

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  • Francia Raisa Play Quotes

    The third card I created was Sofia’s card. Sofia is Danny’s cousin and Uno’s girlfriend. I made her play first base because the person who plays on first base has to a quick and trustworthy person. They are often involved in a lot of the action of the game. Throughout the book, Sofia is quick to stand up for what she believes in, and everyone trusts her. Also, she knows everyone and she is always involved with everything. Therefore, she would be a great person to play on first base. I chose the…

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  • Important Events And People Of The Middle Ages Essay

    Valois, rulers of the Kingdom of France, for control of the latter kingdom. Each side drew many allies into the war. It was one of the most notable conflicts of the Middle Ages, in which five generations of kings from two rival dynasties fought for the throne of the largest kingdom in Western Europe. The war marked both the height of chivalry and its subsequent decline, and the development of strong national identities in both countries. Charles Martel was a Frankish statesman and military…

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  • Charlemagne's Influence On Modern Society

    What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of modern Europe? Whatever it is, it probably does not have anything to do with the middle ages, but this is the time when the foundations of the modern day was set. More specifically, Charlemagne’s Francian Empire set the stage for modern Europe. From the beginning of his reign to the end of his grandson’s, the actions of the Carolingians influence the world to this day. His political policies set the grounds for renaissance and, in…

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  • Franko-Gregorian Liturgy

    These Cluniac monasteries cultivated the liturgy as it was celebrated in Francia, and it was there that the Mixed Franco-German Gregorian liturgy found a beautiful expression. The Franko-German sacramentaries made their way into Italy as enthusiasm heightened for the liturgy as it was celebrated north of the alps. The Cluniac Monks would give liturgical books to clergy who wanted them, and the Saxon rulers Otto I and Otto II also gave the Frankish sacramentaries in Italy in an attempt to revive…

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  • Chapter Seven: The Life Of Charlemagne By Einhard

    difficult to have a legitimate rule without the title. Without the title, a rule would be seen as illegitimate because instead of God validating the authority of a ruler, a ruler had to ask a papal figure for God’s validation, it was not simply granted. After Louis asked to be re-anointed, he made his rule seem weak and decentralized his authority. In making his rule seem weak, Louis left himself exposed. Louis had previously divided up the Frankish territory between his three sons, causing…

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  • Contrast The Relationship Between Dog And Child With Autism

    According to Berry, the addition of a therapy dog in a session with a client with autism drastically increases non-verbal, and verbal social behavior (Berry, Borgi, Francia, Alleva, & Cirulli, 2013). He notes that the increase stays noticeable for up to one month after therapy. However, other studies show that it takes fourteen sessions with the child to show lasting affects of the pet assisted therapy (Fung and & Seung-ming Leung, 2014). The affects of the fourteen sessions of therapy with…

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  • Animal Assisted Intervention Summary

    A review of current evidence on therapy dogs for children with autism by Berry, Borgi, Francia, Alleva, and Cirulli (2013) found that numerous studies report improvements in the child’s social functioning, motor skills, calmness, and language after the introduction of the therapy dog. They reported that several of the studies found that children were more likely to communicate with other children and adults when the dog was present. The authors conclude that these findings are promising, but…

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  • The Great Shift

    Middle English period was ending the Old English plural “-en” had almost completely disappeared and was replaced with the French plural “-s” ending. Examples can be seen in the Old English word “housen” which changed to “houses”. In Modern English, the “-en” ending is used in one or two important examples “children” or “oxen”. Throughout history some changes in the English language became fixed and others did not which gives us the inconsistencies in the English language of today. “Two hundred…

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