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  • Personal Narrative: My Athletic High School Career

    went for a run. At that time we only ran about 3-4 miles or so, but by the middle of the cross country season we were running up to 6 miles everyday. We trained all throughout the summer increasing our mileage every week so that by the beginning of the season were were ready to race. Our season was great, we all did really well and kept on improving every week. I personally did very well too. I started out on JV running a 5K in 24 minutes and 30 seconds and by the end of the season I was running Varsity with a 22 minute 30 second time. This may not seem like a lot, but in cross country two minutes is a big difference. Our first step in the final weeks leading up to State we ran at Conference. At Conference I ran in the JV race and got 15th out of almost 200 girls and I got a time of 22 minutes and 25 seconds. The Varsity got 1st and will forever be the Little Ten Conference Champions because of the conference realignment. At Sectionals I was the alternate meaning I was the 8th person on…

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  • Subculture Essay: Marathon Runner

    violated a common rule by using the opposites run and fun in the same sentence. And this isn’t even your everyday running to the fridge for a snack within the 20-second time span between Netflix episodes. We’re talking a whopping 26.2 miles. So surely everyone who runs this distance without pleading for death must be out of their mind, right? If that is the case then the elite, prestigious cult of marathon runners is clearly insane. But this is a prejudiced, biased opinion based on the human…

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  • Personal Narrative: Cross-Country

    The thing about running is that you hate it until it’s over, at least for me that’s true. Personally, I like running, and it gives me a chance to get out and work towards something. All throughout high school, I’ve run track, and for two years I ran cross-country, both are great sports. The two years I ran cross-country made me wish I ran all four years. If you’re part of more than one sport, it’s natural to choose a favorite. Between the two mine is cross-country. The training, the weather, and…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Powerful Colorado River

    the heat. There was no shade, no water to cool off with except the precious packs we carried on our backs. As someone tripped over the countless piles of loose stone, we stopped for a second as he collected himself. It was the first time I had actually looked around in a couple hours. The entire world was red. Red stone in every direction. Behind me, the Colorado, with all its power, was no wider than my thumb. Ahead of me, the foot trail continued for countless miles. We were as far away from…

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  • Personal Reflection On The Kanata Race

    FINAL REFLECTION In 2015 I ran in an organized race .I had participated in the Madd Dash, also known as the Strides for Change run near Earl March Secondary School. I’ve recieved an approximate time of 28 minutes when finished running the 5km run. During the day of the run, it was very cold and in the middle of the run it started to hail. In 2016, I ran in the Kanata Race Day event at Richcraft Community center during May. The run was during good and well rounded weather conditions for the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Why I Run

    On a daily basis, I am asked why I run. When people think of running, they think of absolute pain and distress. However, when I think of running, I think of freedom and strength. Running gives a sense of relief from the stresses of daily life; whenever I have a difficult day, jogging along trails and dirt roads instantly rids of the strain of the day. You feel free because your legs can venture wherever you may desire. After you run, there is a sense of achievement that fills your body with…

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  • Cross Country History

    When races were 2 miles long, cross-country practices focused on speed workouts. Speed workouts involve running at a fast pace for a short time, imitating the pace at early meets. From a coach’s point of view, Obermann agrees with the ideology of early fast paced practices. He explains that running abnormally fast builds anaerobic muscles, helping you run faster over short distances. Early harriers only needed to practice this anaerobic pace because it was all they needed to compete in 2-mile…

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  • Cross Country Running

    The sport of cross country running has been a part of my life since I started running in the 7th grade. And as I have grown older my love of the sport has only grown to the point where running is by far my biggest passion. So today I am writing to you with the hope of sharing this passion of cross country running with your school by becoming the Varsity Cross Country Coach of the Lakewood Vikings. I would be a good cross country coach because of my coaching experience, knowledge of training…

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  • Cross Country Lessons

    was staring at the sign-up sheet one day, I thought “What the heck is cross country?” That’s when I wrote my name down. I remember asking my mom to explain it to me and thought “I'm only doing this because I’ve got to be better at running than volleyball, right? How hard can it even be?” I was wrong. It was harder than I thought to run as fast as I could for 1.7 miles. Striving to better my time each race, I was confident that this was now my favorite sport. It was a frigid, frosty Saturday…

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  • Essay On Cross Country Running

    Cross country running is a team or individuals running sport which may consist on running through grass, wooded uphill and downhill areas and sometimes gravel roads. This is a sport men or women of all ages can participate in year round. Many cross runners become involved in the sport during their high school years and continue doing it as a way to stay fit over the years. Cross county running has been around since the beginning of time it was referred to as “hare and hound” or “the paper…

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