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  • Gorilla Essay

    History of The Gorilla Ecological distribution The first person who coined the word "gorilla", was Hanno, the navigator of Carthage. Two and a half thousand years ago, Galleys Hanno, looked for places that were suitable for colonization and moved along the coast of West Africa (Ахматов, 2006). Here in Sierra-Leone, Carthaginians met strange creatures. Marvelous sailors passed the logbook down so there would be a record about these wonderful creatures and about their experience of their first contact with people. (Ахматов, 2006). Gorillas live in dense forests of Equatorial Africa. Coast gorillas are found in Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo, Central African Republic; Eastern mountain gorillas inhabit the mountainous…

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  • Personhood Of Gorillas

    Humans have been searching for the point of difference between ourselves and other animal species for centuries. Most recently, it was suggested that one of the decisive factors was language. Conversely, a study published by Fourth Estate in 1993 entitled The Great Ape Project; Equality Beyond Humanity contained a piece by Dr. Francine Patterson and Wendy Gordon called The Case for the Personhood of Gorillas. This article was based on research gathered when working with a pair of lowland…

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  • Essay On Silverback Gorillas

    What is a Silverback Gorilla? Silverback Gorillas are the mature, older, male gorillas in a troop. We see Silverback Gorillas in all subspecies. While it is possible for multiple Silverbacks to exist in one troop of gorillas, a troop will always be led by one alpha Silverback, as opposed to younger black-back male counterparts. The troop’s alpha Silverback leads the group. He decides where they will travel to find food, what they eat, and where they will make nests for the night. Physical…

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  • The Gorilla Play Analysis

    International award-winner Carlos Espinal returns to the New York stages with his solo Peter El Rojo, The Gorilla. The play is a stage adaptation of the Franz Kafta’s story about an ape who learns to behave like a human and becomes an immigrant among them. After rave reviews and awards for its performances in New Jersey and the Dominican Republic, the New York premiere will take place at IATI Theater (East Village, NY), avant-garde Latin Company that for 48 years maintains a solid reputation…

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  • Gorilla Research Paper

    Title: Parents of Boy Rescued From Gorilla Investigated: Accident or Negligence? Category: News & Opinion Tags:Harambe, gorilla shot, Cincinnati gorilla Teaser: Police investigate the parents of the 3-year-old boy who fell into a gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo, but are not recommending charges be laid. Article: The killing of 17-year-old Harambe, the 400-pound gorilla, to save the little boy who slipped into the animal's enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo has triggered outrage. Some say…

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  • Tarzan And The Gorillas: Movie Analysis

    from, it’s about heart.” Although Tarzan grew up with gorillas, he constantly tried to acquire a sense of belonging to them. Kala, Tarzan’s ape mother, revealed that although visually, they appear notably different, internally, they have the same heart. Through this explanation, he could finally fathom that it did not matter what he looked like because his family would always love him. Tarzan and the gorillas may share tantamount hearts, but they additionally share countless other similarities,…

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  • Conversation With A Gorilla Analysis

    Francine Patterson in his writings of "Conversations with a Gorilla” describes about the life of Koko. He describes that some animals also react like humans, for example, Koko. The main idea of the article is that Koko is using the same language as humans or not. Well, I strongly agree with the statement that Koko is using language in human ways. As this article shows that scientists taught other animals to converse with signs, but Koko was the first gorilla who has done this. Moreover, she…

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  • Sex Differences In Gorillas

    result in difference in feeding strategies (Harrison, 1983). Individuals feed to meet their energy requirements; larger animals have larger energy needs than smaller conspecifics, hence they must feed more (Harrison, 1983). This study was designed to gain a better understanding of sex differences in feeding in Gorillas. The main focus of this study is to assess whether males or females spend more time feeding. It is predicated that male gorillas will spend a greater amount and proportion of time…

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  • Gorilla Evolutionary Model

    displays (Flinn et al., 2005). The gorilla represents a particularly difficult anomaly for these models; despite documented tool use (Breuer et al., 2005) and social group living (Cipolletta, 2004), gorillas fail to consistently demonstrate mirror self-recognition (Gallup, 1985; Shillito et al., 1998) and the gorilla neocortex is relatively small when compared to other great apes (Dunbar et al., 2009). Given the apparent restriction of self-awareness to the great ape / human clade, it seems…

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  • Mountain Gorilla Research Paper

    Most people assume that gorillas are strong and durable creatures that could withstand anything. While gorillas are certainly strong, their survival requires a delicate balance of a safe habitat and a healthy, natural diet. There are many different types of gorillas and each species requires different needs based on their region. In particular, many of the gorillas in Africa are dwindling in numbers due to threats upon their natural habitat. According to Endangered Species…

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