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  • The Importance Of The Kitten In The Lion's Den

    The Kitten in the Lion's Den The kitten is like a new spark of life in the softest fur. With bright eyes that tell of pure innocence, tempered by an undercurrent of curiosity and adventure. Imagine the kitten leaping out of a small pin she's been confined to her whole life, the place that she has grown and developed in, as she enters the world unknown. The kitten expects this world to be filled with lush green trees and endless amounts of flourish grassland for her to continuously pounce and play. Now, imagine after all that time in her pin feeling ready to conquer the big world beyond, the moment this kitty leaps out of her enclosure a massively ferocious lion pounces from behind a tall dark bush and tears that kitten to shreds. She, left vulnerable due to easily avoidable ignorance. This, perfect correlation of how the American education system works. Due to young…

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  • Essay On Cats Kneading

    it is the source of complete contentment. What is Kneading?  Kneading is the rhythmic motion which cats make with their paws by pushing in and out, alternating between left and right.  Cats Perform Kneading on soft and comfy surface such as pillow, a comforter or on the lap of another cat/kitten or humans.  During Kneading Cats nearly goes to the trance like state.  Kneading is often referred as making biscuits and Kneading…

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  • Discrimination Of Cats Essay

    Cats have powerful night vision eye sight, allowing them to see at light six times lower than humans need in order to see. Cats also have well developed hearing and a powerful sense of smelling. Older cats can act sensitively towards kittens. Cats love to play, this is especially true with kittens who love to follow toys and play fight. Play fighting among kittens may be a way for them to practice and learn skills As a member of the kingdom Animalia, locomotion is a distinct characteristic. They…

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  • Personal Narrative: From Allergic To Cats

    I decided to write about when I tried persuading my boyfriend to get a cat. We had lived together for over a year and I felt there was something missing. Our apartment complex did not allow dogs and that is all he wanted was a dog. He is actually allergic to cats, so you can imagine how difficult this was. At first I was always bringing it up and explaining to him that cats are easy to take care of, they love you unconditionally, and they are very entertaining. I showed him funny cat videos and…

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  • My Cat Research Paper

    Do you wander throughout the pet store, view the numerous playthings available for your kitty cat, and wonder if the expense will be worth the cost? Cats may be unpredictable animals, but a good time can be obtained with almost any toy. Cats are similar to children they're going through phases and occasionally require age appropriate toys and can lose interest very easily. A number of ideas for playthings range from the cat towers, filled mice, small quantities of catnip, stuffed animals,…

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  • Dry Food Vs Dry Cat Food

    the cat as well as very tasty treats. As a feline proprietor, you will love to serve your kitten cat these nourishments and your cat will love having…

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  • Domesticated Cats History

    cats are part of most people's culture. Modern cats are now liked and disliked, depending on what kind of person you are. At night cats eyes will seem to be glowing, but really it's just light reflecting off their eyes. Cats are natural hunters from their more hostile ancestors. When a cat pees on something around your house, it's just them trying to communicate, and mark their territory. Same with when they scratch on furniture. Cats are very, very sneaky. When stalking their prey, their…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Cat Pochacco

    My Cat Pochacco August of 2001 my mom brought home a small kitten in a tall box that contained a small half and half bowl of food and water. My sister decided to name him Pochacco, because it was her favorite Sanrio character, but the only thing is that this Sanrio character was a white and black dog, so personally I didn’t find this very suitable. “Poh-choc-co” is the way you would sound out his name, but I always just called him Kitty since it’s much easier to say. Pochacco was a black and…

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  • Cat Pee: Why Does It Smell So Bad

    Cute, adorable, fluffy, and awesome are some of the words we use to describe our pet cats. But there is something very odd about the smell of their pee and poop like an unstoppable force going haywire inside your nostrils. Let’s find out the reason behind the strong smell of their excretion. Cat Pee: Why Does It Smell So Bad? Cats survived in various circumstances for many generations and one of their hidden ability is to use water efficiently than most animals. Their physiology extracts every…

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  • Black Cat Unlucky

    Every child might like to have a pet to grow up with them, not just spending the time together but also enjoying the bedtime together, watching the television together……etc. But have you ever think about to have a black cat to be your family member? In many countries, the black cat seems to an “unluckiness” significant. Especially to the places which still remain the old traditional costumes. For an example, in Taiwan, when the elderly people see a black cat, they will try to get away from it or…

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