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  • Narrative Essay: Should We Drive To Arizona?

    “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Pleaseeeee! C’mon, let’s go! We have to!” I shouted. It was January 20th, 2015. 8:00pm. (AKA my birthday). We were in the middle of having cake. And as in we, I mean my Mom, Danny, Zio, Nonna, and Nonno. As we were enjoying our strawberry cake, we were discussing if we should drive to Arizona or not. The only reason we were thinking about going is because, well, Danny’s mom had just passed away and my Nonna Angie (his mom), and Nonno Vito (his dad) had a house out in Surprise, Arizona. We would really only go to kind of help clean it out because my Nonno Vito was going to sell it eventually. So, just because it was my birthday, didn’t really have to do too much with the decision. Although, to me, it was a big reason I wanted to go. After about 15 minutes of saying “yes”, and “no”, and “yes”, and “no”, and, just trying to decide, we finally all agreed we should go. When I heard the news, I packed my things at lightning speed because I was super happy we were going! We all got our things together in about an hour and left at about 9:30pm. Surprisingly, we fit all our luggage, (and ourselves), in my family’s SUV. When we all got in the car, we were off. Just like that. It was just so surprising to me that we were actually driving to Arizona! As we drove, I listened to music and just watched the outside pass by. We made many stops at gas stations so, it took us a little longer to get there. I actually didn’t mind stopping at all the gas stations…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Puerto Rican Experience

    very much in love with him, and it shattered my ability to move to England. It took me a very long time to get over him, and while I was grieving that ended relationship still, I met a man who lived in Oklahoma. As a democratic liberal woman, I never really fancied the south or mid-west of America. This Oklahoman man was very nice and interested in me so I decided to give him a chance. I told my mom that I have had a hard time with my chances to find love in Europe and the north east of…

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  • Oklahoma City University Case Study

    1. University of Central Oklahoma is a public school, and Oklahoma City University is a private school. So they have different major objectives. The first one has a major objective of offering good education to students. The second one focuses more on making profit by offering education of good quality as a tool to realize this objective. University of Central Oklahoma needs to maximize its output of its services or programs, generally in the form of offering degrees of professional training.…

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  • The O. J. Simpson Bombing Case

    In 1995, the cost of a gallon of gas was $1.09, a dozen eggs were 87 cents, a loaf of bread was $1.15 and the average cost of a new car was $15,500 (The People History). Timothy McVeigh caused an upset that would be known as the biggest terrorist attack at the time. The O.J. Simpson trial will be one of the most famous verdicts in history. Windows 95 and EBay were invented and became popular quickly. 1995 was a year of homegrown terrorism, the shock of the century and computer advances that…

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  • Bill Clinton Speech Rhetorical Analysis

    Rhetorical Analysis of Clinton’ Speech On April 19 in 1995, America has witnessed a tragic act of terrorism- the bombing of federal agency building in Oklahoma- in which 168 people died, and hundreds of individuals were injured. For the US, where people rarely doubted their security, this act of terrorism was a big loss. Families of victims and citizens of America were hurt, desperate, and heartbroken, and of course the US Government feared that this incident may contribute to loss their…

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  • Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building

    The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was a building for the United States Government owned by the United States Government. The building was located at 200 N.W. 5th Street in Downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States. The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was designed by an architect named Wendell Locke, Locke worked for Locke, Wright and Associates. The building was built using reinforced concrete and was built in 1977. The cost of the whole building process was fourteen and half million…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Criminal Behavior

    What makes a criminal? What makes someone intentionally want to cause harm to other people? The type of environment a person grows up in could dictate whether or not they become a criminal. If a person grows up in a home where criminal behavior is normal, and they become desensitized to that type of behavior, they may grow up believing there is no harm in it. If you look at a criminal’s background, they normally don’t come from a happy home. Drug addicted parents, and police constantly showing…

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  • Oklahoma City Bombing Essay

    Oklahoma City Bombing: April 19, 1995 The morning of April 19th, 1995 changed the United States forever. On that morning, the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was attacked and destroyed by a homegrown terrorist. This event shook the US and forced the country to start thinking in terms of potential terror events, specifically ones carried out by US citizens. Two years earlier the World Trade Center was attacked by outsiders and caused America to begin to think about foreign…

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  • Creative Writing: Timothy Mcveigh's Death

    Timothy McVeigh, the terrorist and mass murderer who was responsible for the deadliest domestic terrorist attack in the United States that killed 168 people on April 19, 1995. A royal blue dress, solid red dress, solid yellow dress, black dress, white dress, and two paisley dresses filled my sight as I glanced around at the managers crammed into my office, sitting in the dull brown chairs that surrounded my desk. They were intently waiting for me to discuss the next item that I planned to…

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  • Case Study On Team Loyalty Vs A Championship Winning Career

    You can’t make diamonds out of glass and the Thunder crumbled like fragments while under pressure in the post season; Durant needs strong complimentary teammates and it wasn’t the right fit in Oklahoma for him. With sharp shooting Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry at his side, Durant can bully defenses in the post alongside Draymond Green next season. The Golden State Warriors play the fast paced style of basketball that best suits Durant’s lane slice and dice agenda and he’s no stranger to the…

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