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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Going To A Trip To Michigan Adventures

    smirk. It was all just a huge roller coaster with giant bumps that you went over and zoomed back down repeatedly. The first bump was the largest, the maximum height of 500 feet! The ride to the top was so slow, and it made me more anxious and nervous the closer it got. We were finally at the top and everything below me looked tiny, I was a bit frightened to be completely honest. Then it went down, and I could have sworn my soul left my body at that point, it was so scary, it felt like my stomach was trying to escape and to this day I still think I left my stomach somewhere back…

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  • The Experience Of Roller Coasters

    The feeling of being terrified is fun and weird.It's fun because you feeling something new,terrified because you don't know what will happen next and it looks like you are not going to make, and weird because it right in the middle between fun and being terrified. The feeling of both in one thing and that thing is called going on a roller coaster for the first time.All roller coasters and different the size,shape and speed all goes into the fun and being terrified and the Shivering timbers is a…

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  • Narrative Essay: Do You Dare To Ride?

    Elora Jacobsen Do You Dare to Ride? It has always intrigued me how much trust we have in rollercoasters. Some people won't drive in the car with a certain person because their driving scares them, but they will get on a roller-coaster without any second thought. You sit in the seat, get all strapped in, and let fate decide the rest. The feeling of the wind blowing through your hair, the sheer force pushing you into the back of the seat, and not once you think about how many accidents have…

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  • Roller Coaster Essay

    Letter of Recommendation—Roller Coaster Roller Coaster was my biggest nightmare when I was young. Unlike other kids, I begged for not going to those amusement parks and my parents were surprised. I was afraid of sitting in an accelerating car at that time, so roller coaster wasn’t even an acceptable concept for me. I couldn’t imagine myself getting tortured by that flying machine, and I couldn’t understand why so many people waited in a queue measured in hours for it. My mother used to incite…

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  • My Most Memorable Vacation Essay

    disappointment of Disney World was the lack of roller coasters. My friends and I rode nearly every ride, but I only truly enjoyed three of them, which were Space Mountain, Expedition Everest, and Tower of Terror. The other rides were simply not thrilling enough because they were meant to be family friendly. I enjoyed those three rides so much, the joy I feel from remembering them is what makes this vacation one of my favorites. One of these rides was called Splash Mountain, where people ride up…

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  • Essay On Amusement Park

    all seems so frivolous, that the average American can be enticed by something so routine made out of a simple combination of “gears, wood (or metal), and speed” (13). In addition, Adams reflects on the history of amusement parks and roller coasters. Arguing that the roaring twenties “became the golden age of the roller coaster” because of the numerous thrill seekers, she also cites the increased…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Influence Of Roller Coasters

    If you ever get scared or nervous when it comes to roller coasters, me too. The roller coasters height and turns trigger the excitement of many. When I rode my first roller coaster, at Disneyland, my father told me, before going on, that it may look high and scary, but if you keep your head back and hold on you will have an exciting experience. Later on, I learned that keeping your head back and holding on causes less back and neck pain. The impact on the neck when the roller coaster has stopped…

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  • Personal Factors Influencing The Cedar Point Commercial

    rods and cones, both are only sensitive to visible light. Rods are chiefly responsible for night vision and respond to only varying intensities of light and dark. Cones allow us to see color, they operate mostly in daylight and don’t pay as much attention to the amount of light as rods do. The rods and cones are connected to specialized neurons called bipolar cells, which in turn hook up with the ganglion cells. The ganglion cells lead out of the eye and their axons from the optic nerve, which…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Thrilling Ride In Walt Disney World

    As we paraded into Walt Disney World, the excitement in each of us was overflowing. Our coaches explained to us, if we all split up into smaller groups we would get to ride more rides. As we did this, the people that like the big roller coasters all collaborated to find their perfect group. The group I was in had five people in it, containing Jenna, Presley, Blair, Carson, and me. We all knew the exact ride we wanted to start our day off with... Space Mountain, the most exhilarating and…

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  • Reflection On Adulthood And Old Age

    Journal 5: Adulthood and Old Age Personal: Adulthood and old age, from this session I reflected deeply about my life how I got where I am today. I can describe my experience as being a roller coaster, sometimes I go up and then all of a sudden I am down fallen everyone goes through good/hard moments in his or her life. When hard moments come, everyone will want to wish to go back to the good old times this why I describe life as being a roller coaster. The lifeline exercise we did in class, I…

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