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  • Our Town Colby Analysis

    Small Town Living Both Colby and Our Town are both small towns, but they both have their differences. Our Town has a population “within the city limits: 2, 640” (Wilder 15) and colby has a population of 5,419. Our Town is a little bit smaller than Colby, but they both show similar characteristics. In small towns everyone knows almost everyone who lives there. This can be good and bad because with everyone knowing each other, news spread like a wildfire. If people do something big everyone will know about it usually within the next week. Everyone knowing each other means that everyone helps others in time of need. A big part of this is the many churches around town. A big part of the community is everyone attending church. In both towns there…

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  • Analysis Of Our Town

    Adaptation of Our Town Of the three versions of Our Town that we viewed in class, the PBS 2003 version best portrayed what the author Thornton Wilder wanted. Our Town is quite a unique play due to the fact that unlike most play’s the Stage Manager is on the stage rather than behind the scenes. The Stage Manager is also a character in the play itself and acts as a narrator in the play, so he talks directly to the audience the majority of the time. This unique characteristic allows a director to…

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  • Our Town Themes

    Life is like a routine. People focus on getting the job done or just watching television every day at the same time. People do not pay attention to the little things that are worth a lot when it is gone. Our Town written by Thornton Wilder is about George Gibbs and Emily Webb life divided up into three acts. In the Acts was about George and Emily relationship as a kid in school to getting married and last but not least Emily dying from childbirth. Appreciate the little things and live in the…

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  • Our Town Play

    A theater production has many variables to it that must come together in order to produce the best product possible. Many people would automatically think that the acting is the most vital part to a theater production. However, other things such as the props, costumes, lighting, music, etc are just as important if not even more. Our Town is a popular and unique play that takes place in 1901 in the small town of Grover’s Corners, it 's lack of props, but attention to detail in the costumes, along…

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  • Life In Small Town

    The play Our Town, illustrates the true meaning of small town living. When living in a small town, people see a familiar face wherever they go and know everyone’s business. The life in a small town can lack options for entertainment at times. A person living in a town such as Colby might fall into a daily routine. The citizens of Grover’s Corners live a basic life throughout the majority of the play. The play portrays the daily life, love and marriage, and how delicate life can amount to.…

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  • Elements Of Tragedy In Our Town

    “Do any humans beings ever realize life while they live it? —every, every minute”: Tragedy in Our Town Despite the uplifting tone of Our Town, by Thornton Wilder, he suggests that individuals never truly appreciate life. In Our Town, it manifests a tragic vision of life and can be classified as one of the major genres of modern drama, a tragedy. In the tragedy, it implies that there is a symbol of death that is foreshadowed from the beginning. This captures how Our Town is a classical…

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  • Thornton Wilder's Our Town

    Thornton Wilder seamlessly knitted many well-developed themes into his play, Our Town. With precision and skill he created a work that changed the way one reminisces on the past, lives in the present, and anticipates the future. Wilder broadens one’s view of the “bigger picture” by advancing the two most important themes of the play. The themes time, change, and continuity, and marriage and family are developed throughout Our Town by broadening the idea of a grand story and by expanding the…

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  • Grover's Corners In Our Town

    Our Town is clearly a representation - and largely a celebration - of small-town American life. Nearly every character in the play love’s Grover's Corners, even as many of them acknowledge its small-mindedness and dullness. Its sleepy simplicity, in fact, is its major point of attraction for many characters. Dr. Gibbs, for instance, who refuses to travel, thus cultivates his ignorance of life outside of Grover's Corners in order to remain content within it; his son, too, decides not to go away…

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  • Theme Of Our Town Play

    Thornton Wilder’s, Our Town is no ordinary play. This play goes through a human being’s ordinary life, learning to cherish the present moment. The play begins with no scenery nor curtain, which gives the audience confusion for the stage manager setting up tables and chairs. However, Wilder displays what is given to them in the present moment. His central theme of this play is understanding and cherishing the beauty of God’s existence in the present world. Thornton Wilder clarifies the…

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  • Our Town Play Analysis

    Our Town: Is the “Great American Play” Deserving of its Title? The “Great American Play,” Our Town by Thornton Wilder, is packed full of references and symbols that relate to the idea of the “American dream.” The ideas represented in Our Town expose both the negative and positive sides of the American dream. Wilder idealizes small town life by writing about the gimmick of “Small Town, USA.” Wilder also uses symbolism to write in between the lines of the play. The idea of the American dream has…

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