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  • Soil Erodibility Factor Analysis

    Soil Erodibility Factor (K) The soil erodibility factor (K), a measure of the susceptibility of soil to erosion under standard conditions, is a function of the percentage of silt and coarse sand, the soil structure, the permeability of the soil, and the percentage of organic matter. Wischmeier et al. (1971) defined the soil erodibility factor mathematically and Foster et al. (1996) converted the equation into the following SI unit equation: The soil erodibility factor (K) is determined for each soil sample based on analysis of soils in laboratory. The equation (Wischmeier and Smith, 1978) mentinoned is below. K = ((2.17 × 10-4) × (M1.14) × (12-a) + 3.25 × (b - 2) + 2.5 × (c - 3)) × d [5] where M = (percentage of silt and fine sand)…

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  • Case Study On Dengue Fever

    Conditions such as uncleared drainage canals and a swampy soil in Kemar’s landscape are favorable to mosquito breeding and habitation. 2. On a broader level, stagnant water, excessive reeds, and extreme heat can also play a role in the increased mosquito breeding. Specifically, tropical regions are typical breeding grounds for mosquitos thanks to acute water presence from rain. 3. Shanae’s illness could be caused by the increasing number of mosquitos she has been exposed to, some of which cary…

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  • Atterberg Limits Of Soil Analysis

    3.0 DETERMINATION OF CONSISTENCY LIMITS OF A SOIL 3.1 Introduction 3.1.1 Objective To determine the Atterberg Limits of Soils 3.1.2 Learning Outcomes Understand the Principle of Consistency and Atterberg Limits of Clay Soils Describe the Atterberg Limit Tests and their uses Perform the tests and obtain the Atterberg Limits Calculate some Indices (Flow Index, Plasticity Index and Toughness Index) for the Clay Soil 3.1.3 Consistency indices Fine-grained soils are formed in nature by the gradual…

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  • What Is The Difference Between Lifeless And Animated Matter?

    27. What is a Difference between Lifeless and Animated Matter? • There are two aspects of life. When we perceive something as ‘substance’ it is in reality something “living” from “THE ASPECT OF SUBSTANCE”. When we perceive something as alive it is, in reality, the substance we see from “THE ASPECT OF LIFE”. The ability to feel life from “THE ASPECT OF SUBSTANCE” have PRIMITIVE stages of development. The ability to SENSE The Substance from “THE ASPECT OF LIFE” have beings on the threshold of “The…

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  • Synopsis Of The Story 'Safe Haven' By Nicholas Sparks

    “Katie slipped on a pair of beat- up converses sneakers. The chest of drawers stood largely empty and there was almost no food in the kitchen but as she stepped out of the house and into the sunshine and headed towards the store, she thought to herself, this is home. Drawing in a deeply scented breath of hyacinth and fresh- cut grass, she knew she hadn't been happier in years “ . (Sparks) Katie is finally happy she found a safe haven, safer place to live. Katie is learning to be independent and…

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  • Materialization And Resurrection Essay

    41. What is the Innermost Essence of ‘MATERIALIZATION’ & ‘DEMATERIALIZATION’? • An average Terrestrial Man was puzzling and at the same time fascinated by phenomena of Materialization or Manifestation which is Appearance or Creation of (Living) Matter from an unknown source, and even more with ‘Teleportation’. The last is Dematerialization and Re-materialization which is a ‘transfer’ of Matter or Living Body from ‘point A’ to ‘point B’ without traversing Physical space between them. Per…

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  • Summary Of Jerry's Self-Actualization Theory

    The following paper will be about juror #3, or rather, Jerry. Jerry is a fascinating individual with a deeply rooted disdain for children. One could imagine that it came from his rough upbringing with his own father that caused him to begin to see kids in much the same way as his father did. Jerry has always had a rough time maintaining social relations due to his narrowmindedness on almost every subject which leads him to have a short temper. Once his mind is focused on one set of beliefs,…

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  • The Symbolism Of The Werewolf

    possession." Just like werewolves, every human being constantly carries this part of them around every day wherever they go. Each individual, whether they know about it or not, has this slot in the back of their conscience filled with this dark matter that, at any given moment, can be triggered and take over the more sensible parts of the brain. It is not a matter of possession. This darkness is inside of us all from the day we are born, and it only grows stronger the older we are. It is only a…

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  • Neat People Vs Sloppy People Essay

    “Neat People vs. Sloppy People” by Britt. The subject matter in this essay slapped me upside the head! My best friend Val makes quite a bit of money, and she is one hell of a neat person. She throws out toys as her sons grow out of them. She makes sure the mail gets gone through and thrown away daily. She is everything that Britt describes about neat people. “They have cavalier attitudes very informal and offhand toward possessions, including family heirlooms. Everything is just another…

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  • Essay On Dark Matter

    Dark matter leaves astronomers and physicists baffled as to what it possibly could be. Scientists design experiments to attempt to figure out what it is, but no one truly knows what composes dark matter. Physicists are so interested in understanding dark matter because it accounts for the formation of the Universe, as observable through studying the distribution of gravity within galaxies (Carnegie). Original attempts at studying dark matter referred to dark matter as baryonic, which is a word…

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