What Is The Difference Between Lifeless And Animated Matter?

27. What is a Difference between Lifeless and Animated Matter?
• There are two aspects of life. When we perceive something as ‘substance’ it is in reality something “living” from “THE ASPECT OF SUBSTANCE”. When we perceive something as alive it is, in reality, the substance we see from “THE ASPECT OF LIFE”. The ability to feel life from “THE ASPECT OF SUBSTANCE” have PRIMITIVE stages of development. The ability to SENSE The Substance from “THE ASPECT OF LIFE” have beings on the threshold of “The Great Birth”.
• ‘Lifeless’ matter & living matter are EQUALLY ALIVE. The only difference is in a ‘TYPE’ of CONSCIOUSNESS which is bound to / reincarnates in the matter. ‘Lifeless matter’ functions governed by Habitual Consciousness only, while ‘animated’ matter functions in both “Habitual” & “Day-Consciousness” Modes. ‘ORGANIC’ MATTER ARISES WHEN ‘RADIANT’ – MENTAL ENERGY /Consciousness CONNECTS WITH ‘lifeless’ matter in any of its forms (solid, liquid, gaseous). Such connection makes matter visibly altered and independently working.
• Matter is considered as ‘animated’ IF shows INDEPENDENCE, IF has the ability of REPRODUCING, and IF DOES NOT AGE IMMEDIATELY, but RESIST THE PROCESS for a while, and starts to age after the culmination of growth. Plant and animal substances have a certain period where triumphantly resist the "tooth of time". (The
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How? The energies of longing - for the existence in the physical reality - from the "beings in bliss" are transmitted to the spiral 's first three basic energies - "instinct", "gravity" & "feeling". First, the energies come into contact with "instinct-energy", which has already reached the second stage of its increasing trend. The combination of these two energies contacts "gravity-energy" - only at the initial stage of increasing. Then a multitude of powerful reactions or forms of energy ARE SET UP known under a notion

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