Pilate's Life

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82. What is Pilate’s or the modern man 's behavior?
• Deep emergence in all materialistic culture aspects of living and ‘preoccupation’ with conformism additionally incapacitates low level ‘susceptibility’ for the relevant influences in Spiritual Infants commonly known as ‘Humans’. Consequently, Terrestrial Humans, in general, cultivate no interest for ‘phenomena’ which convey profound meaning. Also, Cosmically Ignorant and blind-folded ‘man-made’ science rarely notice anything, and if such occurrence somehow happens, then finding the consensus seem improbable. Certainly, the confirmation of such assessment is the inexplicability of a ‘phenomenon’ which one careful Cosmic Observer
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As the representative of Roman Empire, his primary role was military, and the additional responsibilities were the collection of imperial taxes, and in limited capacity judicial. Pilate presided the trial of Jesus, found him personally not guilty for alleged ‘crimes’ meriting a death sentence. But, despite the evidence, dismissing his own judgment, he did not set Christ free, but under the pressure of popular opinion allowed the CRUCIFICTION. Even though, that Pilate was aware that Christ did not claim the throne of The King of the Jews, and was not any challenge to Roman rule, confirming it by words “My kingdom is not of this world” (the Gospel of John), he acted against common sense, own convictions & will, ignoring justice. No doubt that Pilate was also aware of the power structure, that innocent Christ freedom would jeopardize and endanger the Jewish high priests ' status and influence, and provoke the subsequent complaints to his superiors, which might have resulted in the subsequent loss of his Governor’s position. In addition, he knew that THE QUESTION OF TRUTH is very elastic, sensitive, and the category which is the subject of ‘free interpretation’. Finally, Pilate opted to release of the thief Barabbas, whom he brought to the trial hoping the crowd will request the release of Jesus, in order to SAVE OWN SKIN. It is interesting that in a period subsequent to Christ Crucifixion Pilate allegedly mistreated the Jews and has been revoked to

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