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  • Cats: Managing The Mood Of Your Cat

    the moods of your cat. Whenever someone thinks of a cat, a cute, playful, little ball of fur comes to their mind. Their big innocent eyes, capture everyone’s heart. But do not be fooled, these cute little cats can get pretty demanding. They have temper fits just like any other human being. They are attention seekers and can get quite upset if no one pays attention to them. Sounds like a behavior of a child right? Well that’s how cats are. Managing the moods of your cat can seem to be a pretty hard job but I have some tips which can help a cat owner make that job easier. I am a proud owner of a tomcat, Bandu, for 8 years. And a partial owner of about 20 cats who have come and gone. I have seen a variety of displays of emotions these cats can show. They can have tempers, they can get grumpy, they need constant attention but at the same time they can have one of those moods where they just want to be left alone. Cats do have good moods as…

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  • Homeless Cats

    Wandering cats or cats without a permanent home are considered to be a massive problem in almost all over the world. Stray cats maintain a very harsh life and do not live for a long period of time. These cats are likely to pact and spread diseases. Hunger may lead to kill them along with other small creatures such as birds or mice. As they also recreate new stray kittens because of the fact that most of them are not neutered or sterilized. Helping stray or homeless cats can be resolved by…

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  • Domestic House Cat Vs. Cats Of The Wild

    companion simply a smaller version of their deadly counterpart? According to various research, the cute domestic house cat and the cats of the wild share about 95.6% of their DNA (Ghose). In fact, the house cat retains most behavior fueled by survival instincts given to them by their wild doppelgangers; unchanged by domestication. Despite differences in eye color and pupil shape, the members of this family are indisputably wild hunters no matter their size or environment (“Comparing the Tiger…

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  • The Black Cat

    “The Black Cat,” the story was published in 1845, and it is a gothic piece of literature. The first thing we learn is that it is written in first person, and the narrator is nameless. He is going die the next day for something we do not know what for yet. He is writing events down which is says, “these events have terrified – have tortured – have destroyed me” (1). From the beginning of the story it is gathered that he did something horrible when he states, “to-day I would unburthen my soul”…

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  • Symbolism Of Cats Essay

    to ever exist. Practically every religion has a cat involved in it as a symbol which shows they have a huge importance. Felines are very mysterious and unpredictable creatures that are very interesting to learn about and no one can deny that. There are a lot of stereotypes about cats that aren’t true at all. People say cats aren’t fun and that they only bite and scratch which is why in literature they are depicted as a villain. This is not the case, these innocent creatures are misunderstood…

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  • Essay On Cats Kneading

    Cats Kneading: Kneading is the one of the most common behavior of the domestic cats. Kneading is basic trait of the cats that develop during the early age. Cats are the caring and interesting creatures. Kneading is their way of showing love and affection. Normally, cats knead to express their happiness and emotions, it is the source of complete contentment. What is Kneading?  Kneading is the rhythmic motion which cats make with their paws by pushing in and out, alternating between left and…

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  • Feral Cats Essay

    Feral cat all have one thing in common, they’re feral. Unlike the three aforementioned characters Feral cats are a huge quickly multiplying threat, from mass extinctions to diseases that can be transmitted to your cute non feral pet and even cuter native wildlife. So much talk of feral cats what exactly is a feral cat, is their population truly exploding, what is their ecological foot(paw)print, and just how are cities are dealing with their exploding Cat population. Stray cats like Mowgli were…

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  • Cats And Dogs Similarities

    Dogs versus Cats Compare Dogs and cats are somewhat alike and different in many ways. For example: if I were to compare and contrast, dogs and cats it would be easy. Comparing dogs to cats is both are good house pets to have for children’s and everyone loves. Both cats and dogs have different varieties to choose from and different ancestors and different colors / skin tone around the world. Both cats and dogs are very smart and have extremely good hearing they hear you from far away or close…

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  • Domesticated Cats History

    The History of Domesticated Cats Meow, meow, meow. The normal cat noise right, who likes cats? Mr. Roering obviously doesn't, too bad, cats are very interesting creatures. I like cats as you all probably know, and I know a lot about cats, you can too if you just listen closely to what I say. These are all the facts you'll need to know. Let's go back in time to when cats began, 5,000 years ago cats were treasured by Egyptians. Especially royals, King Tut probably loved cats too.…

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  • Discrimination Of Cats Essay

    THE CLASSIFICATION OF A CAT Many people raise cat because cat is cute. And if they have bad things on their life the cat can heal them. And cats can control their excretion system. And they don’t feel lonely for the most times. The cat is classified as Kingdom Animal. Kingdom animalia’s attribute is eukaryotic, more than one cell, sexual reproductive, mobile, and heterotrophic. Eukaryotic tells that the nucleus has a membrane, while the prokaryotic organisms do not have a nucleus membrane.…

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