Cats: Managing The Mood Of Your Cat

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How to manage the moods of your cat.

Whenever someone thinks of a cat, a cute, playful, little ball of fur comes to their mind. Their big innocent eyes, capture everyone’s heart. But do not be fooled, these cute little cats can get pretty demanding. They have temper fits just like any other human being. They are attention seekers and can get quite upset if no one pays attention to them. Sounds like a behavior of a child right? Well that’s how cats are. Managing the moods of your cat can seem to be a pretty hard job but I have some tips which can help a cat owner make that job easier. I am a proud owner of a tomcat, Bandu, for 8 years. And a partial owner of about 20 cats who have come and gone. I have seen a variety of displays of emotions these cats can show. They can have tempers, they can get grumpy, they need constant attention but at the same time they can have one of those moods where they just want to be left alone. Cats do have good moods as
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Cats can get pretty angry for no reason whatsoever. It is essential to know that cats tend to hiss and can sometimes attack the owners by either scratching them or biting them if someone tries to come near him/her. The best way to control this is by giving them some space. Cats have an inclination of calming down quickly so it is most likely that the temper will be subdued in approximately 5-10 minutes.
2) Feeling grumpy: Always remember that the cat owns your house. Your sofa, your bed is their territory. And no cat likes if you disturb them while they are comfortable in your blanket or you change their position while they are sleeping. The best way in this situation is to let your feline little fellow rule your surroundings. Just like the Egyptians worshipped their cats, you do that too. Or if you are a lazy person like me you can always lure him/her by showing some

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