Essay On Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats
I believe dogs are better companions to humans than cats. Hopefully, after reading the arguments below, you will also be convinced this is the case.
Firstly, a study (Valeri 2006) that took 4 groups of 95 people (dog owners, cat owners, dog and cat owners, neither) the dog owners and dog and cat owners laughed more when they used daily “laughter logs”. I believe this shows that dogs provide better companionship and can detect when you are sad and cheer you up. Another reason I believe that dogs are better than cats is that dogs can also be Sheep Herders or Guard dogs. There really isnít much citation for why I believe this. Obviously there are many dog breeds
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But thatís just my theory. Dogs also provide you with a lot of exercise. If you had a cat, they wouldnít want to go outside for walks. Itís also fun to play and run with your dog. Itís not like cats play fetch. You can play with cats with balls of yarn, laser pointers, and other things, but its still not really exercise for you. When you play with laser pointers, you are simply moving your hand around and having the cat do all of the running. When you have a dog they go play fetch or you might have to chase them while they have the ball in their mouth. They are very fast runners. Even when your dog gets out, it might not be the best situation and you may not want to but they will still give you quite a workout. Dogs are very enthusiastic about ever going outside and running while you play with them. This leads me to my next point; why I think dogs are happier than cats. I donít have any resource citations on this, but itís part personal opinion and mostly observational knowledge. Have you ever seen a cat smile? Probably not. Of course, this doesnít mean theyíre unhappy; itíd be ignorant of me to say that. But the thing is, thereís always a certain sense you get that you can know how a pet is feeling. You could call it a variation of people being able to ëread a roomí, so to speak. You always see dogs very happy to see their owners, and very happy and wagging their tail whenever youíre near them, even if youíre not paying them much attention. Dogs are almost always very loving of people. Cats? Not so much. So next time you see a dog, try to notice the signals of why it is, or if it is,

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