Importance Of Owning A Dog Essay

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Why Everyone Should Own a Dog Do you own a dog? If you said “yes” great, but if you said “no” then let’s think about why not? When people ask why dogs are said to be one of the best pets you can have, a common response is that a dog is a companion, a teacher, and a guardian. A dog helps teach responsibility and can also be a courageous protector no matter how big or small. A dog will always love you and your family completely. The responsibility a dog teaches is a life lesson and will help with learning to care for others. There is security that comes with owning a dog because you can find comfort in knowing the dog is a faithful protector. For these reasons, one of the best things anyone can wish for is to be a dog owner. If you and your …show more content…
With a dog beside you as your friend, you are never alone. There are many occasions you will encounter by yourself and with no one close to help. A dog in many of these situations will help you get over, around, and through them. The love of these animals is so stable it help you overcome and handle any problem you encounter. In my 17 years of living, I have seen a countless amount of people on the street with nothing more than the clothes on their back and their best friend by their side. This bond of love is so durable that not even the dictionary can describe it. I have witnessed very few dogs that look sad or unhappy. This is because a dog’s personality is nearly incapable of feeling these lost feelings on their own. Dogs have a very affectionate and playful personality, but it is possible to alter this part of them by not providing the love, affection, and care they need. A dog will greet you at the door when you return from your journey. He will jump, bark, grab his toy, and sometimes even tackle you which is personally my favorite part about being a dog owner. For this reason, I love coming home after a hard school day and unwinding while I play with my dog. Another example is the excitement I have witnessed as I am drive up my long gravel driveway and lay eyes on my dog showing his excitement by wagging his tail and jumping up and down as he waits for me to park my truck. I also look forward to getting out of my truck when he is in the house already anticipating the second I cross the wooden frame of my door there is a chance of being tackled by my best

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