Personal Essay: What My Dog Has Taught Me?

What my dog has taught me

Humans are basically social animals, and in learning to coexist more peacefully, our pets could teach us a thing or two. Humans are sometimes arrogant enough to believe that our lives matter more than others, but in owning a dog it 's clear to see why it doesn 't. I know some people consider their pets as a part of their families. I strongly agree with that stance towards the dog I have in my home. Having been a dog owner since the age of nine, I can claim that a lot of growing and maturing goes on during that timeframe. Pets have this ability to teach people things that even humans cannot. Unconditional love, responsibility, and patience being among those things. These are not just things that can be
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My dog has always been there when I need him even if it is with a simple lick or nudge. Although, yes, he may not be able to respond I know he is someone I can count on to listen to each of my problems and secrets without judging me. I know he will love me no matter how much I have or lack, how bad my hair looks or even what kind of day I am having. When I come home, he is always glad to see me and follows me like a tail.This unconditional love that dogs have can also be connected to loyalty. A pet’s loyalty to its owner is usually unmatched. The greatest fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back when you go out the door without them. If all humans were like this there would be so much loyalty towards each …show more content…
When my dog was younger he made plenty of messes as most young animals do. Raising my dog is a great joy, but it comes with the sticky situations. All I can do is be patient while disciplining him, reward him for what he does right, and hope that by the end he understands what he should do. Patience is all about working hard while waiting for the results. With patience comes forgiveness. Whenever my dog made an accident somewhere I would always be very forgiving especially when he stood at my feet and looked at me with those pleading eyes. Pets forgive very easily and that can be incorporated into life. Holding a grudge has a negative influence on people 's emotional well-being and it keeps them from moving

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