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  • Cat Pee: Why Does It Smell So Bad

    fluffy, and awesome are some of the words we use to describe our pet cats. But there is something very odd about the smell of their pee and poop like an unstoppable force going haywire inside your nostrils. Let’s find out the reason behind the strong smell of their excretion. Cat Pee: Why Does It Smell So Bad? Cats survived in various circumstances for many generations and one of their hidden ability is to use water efficiently than most animals. Their physiology extracts every drop of moisture out of their food and that is the reason why cats drink less water. You may have noticed this if you compare how much water your pet dog drinks with your pet cat. As a result, their urine becomes super concentrated and has a darker color…

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  • Siamese Cats Research Paper

    YUMMY FELINE FOODS Every cat owner will agree that finding the best food for their cats have been a struggle. Who wouldn’t want their feline friends to have the healthiest, tastiest food? We try to find the best cat food for Siamese cats. We review some popular brands and see their pluses and minuses. We hope this will help you make your cats happy. Firstly, we will talk a little about Siamese cats. They are the oldest and best-known cat brands. The name comes from Siam or Thailand as we…

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  • Analysis Of Crumbs And Whispers, By Kancha Singh

    lover, owns Crumbs & Whispers, the first cat café in Los Angeles. Because she was unhappy with her corporate job in 2014, she flew to Thailand to volunteer at an elephant sanctuary in Chang Mai. Her new friends, who knew that Singh was about to turn 24, brought her to Catmosphere, a cat café in Chang Mai. They noticed that she loved animals because she fed every stray cat and dog she saw in the city. Crumbs & Whispers Her experience in Catmosphere where she drank matcha, a favorite drink, while…

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  • Burmese Character Analysis

    can be your cat. He is a slick, quiet cat who loves people and follows them from room to room. Expect Burma, who wants to get involved in what you do, and be thankful that he is not as successful as a Siamese. Hearing does not mean silly. Burmese is a cute cat and, of course, weird. He loves exploring the surroundings and is known to be in prison under the changed floor or accidentally (perhaps purposefully) driving to the top of the car. It's a good idea to always keep tabs where he is. He…

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  • Causes Of Animal Overpopulation

    main cause of the overpopulation of cats and dogs is the lack of control of the over reproduction. The excessive reproduction of these animals are causing serious consequences on public health. The overpopulation of cats and dogs is due to lack of awareness of people. Factors such as pet shops and the human need of having a pet are the contributors to the grow of the animal overpopulation. Throughout time cats and dogs have become a necessity for people in their daily lives. People is well…

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  • Chronic Kidney Disease Essay

    Remove waste from blood Kidney disease for cats can be a result of a poor diet, genetics, bacterial infection, poisons and/or old age. This paper will provide nutritional guidelines in cases where age, diet or genetics generates chronic kidney disease (CKD) in a cat. While chronic kidney disease cannot be reversed and progresses with time, a diet modified for cats with CKD can help in comfort and slow the progression of the disease (and symptoms). The three primary nutritional elements that…

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  • Vital Statistics On Cats Case Study

    Size It's a medium sized cat that weighs 6 to 10 pounds. Personality The intelligent and persistent Korat is the owner of his people. He likes being close and not attending visitors. He gives his heart to one or two people whose company he prefers or with whom he spends more time, but he certainly wants to accept other love. Consider this trend before you become Korat, if you have a cat that follows it all the time, it will keep you crazy. Korat is not lonely. It's better with a company, or…

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  • Caring For Cats Research Paper

    How to care for your cats We all love cats! They come in various shapes and sizes and have different kinds of temperament. Why are cats so loveable? It’s their actions! Cats can be super lazy, energetic, affectionate, and playful. You can’t help but love the handsome face of cats. Here are our ten best cat facts! While every cat has an individual uniqueness, the study of cat behavior and their biology can provide valuable insights that will give you a better understanding of your cat. 1. Cats…

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  • SBT Savannah Cats Research Paper

    What is A Savannah Cat? A Savannah cat is a cross between an African Serval and a domesticated house cat. Savannahs are noted for their tall and slender bodies and their big ears. It is one of the newest breeds in the world and there are just a few breeders worldwide that have achieved their goal of successfully mating a Serval to a domesticated cat. All Foundation Savannahs have an F and a number associated with it to indicate how many generations it is from its Serval ancestor. F1 (~53%…

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  • Declawing Cats Research Paper

    Against Declawing Cats Declawing cats is a surgery that has been done by cat owners for years. There are many arguments on what’s right and wrong about declawing a cat. Declawing causes extreme pain and leaves cats hopeless to defending themselves; keeping their claws is good for their health. Declawing a cat causes excruciating pain. When an owner takes a cat for the declawing surgery they don’t realize what the cat is about to go through. In order to remove cats claws they break the first…

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