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  • The Themes Of Poem In Maya Angelou's Caged Bird

    Bird” to mean the bird which is Bahamian Culture is throwing itself against the bars of its cage which is metaphorical for the constraints to the inclusiveness of diversity to Bahamian Culture. Bahamian Culture struggles so much that it begins to bleed and needs to stop, but once its wounds are healed, it tries again. Bahamian Culture is very persistent for diversity and is just praying, wishing to be free. The cultural forefathers have caged the bird because they have been increasingly frightened at the possibility that the Bahamian culture is quickly becoming a hybrid culture that is being corroded almost daily. This fear could very well be the cause of attempts to preserve art…

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  • Effects Of Social Pressure In Bahamian Society

    Living in a society of many social ills. The family unit is not immune to said “pressures” that plague the society. Social pressure as defined by the Webster dictionary refers to the influence exerted by society in encouraging a person or persons to change his or her attitude, values or behavior in order to conform to group norms. Many social pressures are prevalent in Bahamian society some are of these are but not limited to unemployment, domestic violence or abuse alcoholism and substance…

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  • Fredrick Smith's Discrimination Is The Bahamian Political Crack !

    The Bahamas is recognized as a popular tourist destination. Each year hundreds of foreigners from America, and other parts of the world flock to its shores and Bahamians are notorious for treating their guest like royalty. Haitians are another group of foreigners also flock to the shores of the Bahamas. However, only a few of these people receive open arms of love and affection like the Americans or other nationalities that visit the Bahamas. In Fredrick Smith’s article “Discrimination is the…

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  • Anti-Intellectualism Killing The Bahamas Essay

    mistrust of intellect and intellectuals. Because most Bahamians are gullible, resistant to change and angry, anti-intellectualism is destroying The Bahamas educationally, politically and socially. Firstly, anti-intellectualism is killing The Bahamas because of the gullible tendencies of most of the Bahamian population. They do not think on their own and would rather listen to others than learn for themselves. Most Bahamians accept information without questioning and believe without considering…

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  • Caribbean American Stereotypes

    American stereotypes about the Caribbean and its people are ludicrous and dangerous. In this extract from Ian Strachan’s book Paradise and Plantation, Strachan spoke about particular American stereotypes which insinuate that all Caribbean people speak alike, behave alike, and have the same practices. However, all Caribbean people may be of the same region, but we are not all the same. Therefore, these stereotypes are not only foolish, but also detrimental to the unique identity of the Caribbean…

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  • Bahmerican My Language At Home Analysis

    grandfather’s younger brother Sean, to multiple private schools and universities. The other family is a poorer family from Macon, Georgia. The father was a truck driver and the mother was a cook and cleaning lady at a Holiday Inn. My father and his family were raised in the inner city, in a government housing subdivision, with no money to go to college, instead opting to enter the labor force at a young age. When I talk with my family, I sometimes notice how diverse our language sounds. From the…

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  • Cultural Interactions

    Once they get comfortable around a person, they will initiate starting a first name basis; until then, it is not suggested. Bahamians are very informal and humorous even in a business setting. They like to get to know people first. According to the same website, “Since relationships are highly valued, plan to spend time during the meeting to talk about non-business related topics. Likewise, time is quite fluid and will be spent on more personal discussions as well as business-related” (…

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  • Analysis Of Patricia Glinton Chaos Threatening To Engulf The Country

    overthrow the tribulations. Beginning with Sir. Lynden Pindling in 1980, the Bahamas has become infamous for grooming more than a few corrupt government systems. In Patricia Glinton article, “Chaos Threatening to engulf the country” she expresses an innumerable amount of outrage towards the current Bahamian government. Initially, Glinton points out that citizens of the Bahamas instill their ‘trust’ into ‘political pundits’ without trying to see who they really are. She begins her article by…

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  • A Trip To The Bahamas Narrative Essay

    temporary tropical home and made our way to the beach. It was at this beach that my younger brother Carson and I decided to play catch with a small ball we had brought with us. We stood waist deep in water clear as glass and tossed this rubber sphere back and forth. From out of nowhere a Bahamian boy no older than nine years old appeared, and held his hands up wanting to play with us. He did not speak to us, he only played catch. We threw the ball with him for ten minutes and then he left just…

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  • Analysis Of Exclusion, Island Style By Kristy A Belton

    Belton critiques contemporary scholar’s argument that because we live in a globalized world citizenship is becoming insignificant. Scholars argue that native and foreign migrants, voluntary and involuntary, have rights that does not require citizenship. Belton counter argues this belief by arguing both groups hold citizenship somewhere based on that state’s citizenship law. Citizenship requirements are not all the same state by state. She supports her main argument by arguing that in this era of…

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