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  • Comparison Of Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory

    A great example of these changes can be found in the two movies Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Mel Stuart, 1971) and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Tim Burton, 2005), both of which tell the story of a young boy from a poor family who is taken through a wondrous chocolate factory. Throughout both of these movies there are several telling features about the contemporary culture, however most interesting is the difference between them and what that implies about how culture has changed. The loss of Mr. Slugworth as a spy trying to tempt the children into bringing him Mr. Wonka's secrets in the newer film shows an end of the Red Scare in the American Psyche, the change from all the kids enjoying large quantities of candy to Augustus Gloop (one of the children who venture with Charlie into the factory) is continually mocked for being fat shows the change of our perception of weight problems, and even the change of musical numbers between the two films shows the rise of music videos and Mtv. In the older film, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, a major driving force for the movie is the fact that Willy Wonka has been having trouble with candy producer, Mr. Slugworth, employing spies to steal secrets from him. Wonka's reaction was to close his factory to the public and find his own workforce that could never be tempted to share his recipes. As the children from around the world discover their golden ticket into the factory, a shady character, who introduces himself…

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  • Social Paradigm In Charlie And Also The Chocolate Factory

    observe the whole process to know the performance of the applicants. In this movie, Willy Wonka as the trained accessor is indirectly processing the assesment center towards the 5 kids to seek for their attributes for the future performance. In order to find out the knowledge, skill and ability of the kids, Willy Wonka allowed the kids to act and express themselves freely even though the rules are given. However, the kids who failed to obey the rules based on the psychometric recruitment method…

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  • The Importance Of Think Before You Eat Chocolate

    Think Before You Eat Chocolate “At 6 a.m., 10-year-old Emmanuel wakes and readies himself for a day of labor in the cocoa fields. Along the way, he watches as other kids walk in the opposite direction - toward school. He reaches the fields at sunrise and uses his machete to slice ripe cocoa pods from the tree. Later, he carries the cocoa pods he’s harvested from the field, hacks them open and gathers the beans, which will later be used to make chocolate.” Kids in Ghana have to wake up every day…

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  • Tim Burton's Film Techniques

    Tim Burton has been appeasing audiences with his directing tactics for over 30 years. His success roots from the morbid curiosity and raw innocence that we as an audience find in other notable figures like Edgar Allen Poe and Brothers Grimm. His exceptional craft as a director is one that captures us by provoking feelings of sentiment, warmth, and dismay. Burton utilizes techniques such as close-ups, back lighting and tracking to do just that. Burton's use of close-ups focuses on significant…

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  • Essay On Brutus As A Tragic Hero In Julius Caesar

    Why Marcus Brutus was a tragic hero in “Julius Caesar” Everyone has a something wrong with them; some of these problems we can fix, like lying, a person can learn to stop lying.Others problems are more unsolvable, like world peace. In the play, “Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare,(Durland, 1985) several characters have problems; for instance, Caesar was too arrogant and he does not listen to a warning by the Soothsayer. (Durland, 1985.) Another character in the story, was Marcus Brutus, a…

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  • Compare And Contrast Mark Antony And Brutus's Oration

    Imagine living in an empire where your leader was assassinated by his close friend. What would you do? In Rome’s case, the death of Julius Caesar brought fear and chaos. Many Romans anxiously demanded reasons for Caesars death from two people, Brutus, who planned and carried out the assassination of Caesar and a close friend of Caesar, and Mark Antony, who was a high ranking official and also a close friend of Caesar. Both Brutus and Mark Antony had different views on the death of Julius Caesar…

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  • Julius Caesar And Mean Boys Analysis

    The Tragedy of Julius Caesar and Regina George The society in Rome was a lot like the high school in Mean Girls. Julius Caesar was very similar to Mean Girls, and Julius Caesar is still relevant today because there are a lot of people in the world who are still violent and hurtful to each other like how Brutus was to Caesar. Julius Caesar was the soon to be leader of Rome. There were a lot of people who liked Caesar and there were a lot of people who did not like Caesar.The same thing happened…

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  • Julius Caesar Controversy

    My discussion of Julius Caesar is in fact addressing the larger matter of how he came to rise. When it comes to the topic of Julius Caesar there are a lot of sources where one may find a colossal amount of information regarding this topic. In recent discussions of Julius Caesar, a controversial issue has been whether the senators were right about their accusations they had made about Caesar. On the one hand, some argue that Caesar was such a great ruler hat we was named dictator for life. On the…

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  • Octavian Caesar Augustus In The Deeds Of The Divine Augustus

    One of the sources for the history of the Roman Empire came from one of the Emperor’s himself, Octavian Caesar Augustus, in The Deeds of the Divine Augustus, otherwise known as the Res Gestae. This narrative was written in 14 A.C.E. from Augustus’ point of view, depicting the accomplishments and deeds during his rule from 29 B.C. to A.D. 14. According to A History of the Roman People, it is a “valuable, but highly selective account…in a clear and readable style.” The deeds of Augustus were…

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  • Logical Fallacy In Julius Caesar

    Shakespeare’s political play Julius Caesar is one in which its namesake, Caesar, is murdered by a group of conspirators. Following this, Brutus attempts to persuade the audience that he acted for the best interest of Rome, claiming that Caesar would have become a dictator. However, the commoners of Rome were never satisfied with the reasoning for Caesar’s death. This was caused due to multiple reasons, mainly which they had already established their support for Caesar and Brutus’ inadequate…

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