Why Rome Fell Essay

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During the age of Antiquity, the Romans were without a doubt the most powerful empire in the known world. It was traditionally thought that the Roman empire dissolved in 476 BC after the last Roman emperor was deposed. However this was not the reason Rome fell, there were many different factors that would lead Rome off the proverbial cliff. These factors range from unstable economic decisions, government corruption, reliance on slave labour, to military campaigns and religious debacles, but the main reason for the fall was due to Rome’s poor economic decisions.
The first thing we must address is whether or not the Roman culture actually fell in 476 BC. There are two theories that historians believe allowed the Roman culture to survive. The
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For many years the two groups lived harmoniously until the Huns pushed the tribes farther into Rome. The Germans were treated badly and the Vistagoths soon turn against the Romans. Which would lead Rome further down a path of economic troubles. In a terrible battle the Roman army was overcome and the Vistagoths soon seized the city of Rome and took it over. This was the first time Rome had been sacked, it showed the world that Rome could fall. It also showed the Romans they weren’t invincible. With Rome being conquered the eastern half of the empire soon realized that it would cost too much to regain the capital …show more content…
An economic downfall is most likely the reason why the roman empire fell because without money to fund its captured city garrisons the Romans couldn 't hold their lands, and since they couldn 't hold their lands, the people revolted against them. With that Rome would have to hire mercenaries to keep the peace, which would be a further drain on the money Rome had. Some might say it was due to the Barracks emperors, but at that point the dominoes were already falling. Others might say it was due to the adoption of Christianity, but that only affected parts of the Roman empire.. All in all everything in this world revolves around money, if you don 't have it, there is no way you can

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