Fall Of Rome Dbq Essay

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The Roman Empire was a great and powerful force that influenced many other civilizations after it fell, but before and leading up to its decline it faced many problems. The Empire fell due to the cause of internal and external problems: unstable economics, weakened political and government structure, and ineffective military. These problems show that
In document 1, it states that inside the empire the few citizens believed that “the old civilization was worth saving [anymore].” The Roman’s did not feel the pride or morale that they did earlier in the empire, and as they were slowly “excluded from political responsibilities” it led to social inequality and when they could no longer protect themselves there was no chance to rebuild from the
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In Document 2 Gibbon states that, “The decline of Rome was the natural and inevitable effect of immoderate greatness…” showing that Rome had become too big to sustain itself, including the government, military, and bureaucracy. This is also shown in Document 4, that the empire became so big that it was struggling to pay its expenses and that the heavy taxes were necessary. As the Roman Empire expanded so did the need for money and stable economics. But since the government was so big I ran itself and gave the people everything it wanted. They were all on welfare and in document 4, it sates “People learned to expect something for nothing.” As the government began to take on more responsibility that was originally the citizens of Rome they weakened the people’s spirits, which therefore led to a decline in the entrepreneurs and wanting to gain more wealth in Rome (Document

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