Primary Reasons For The Fall Of Rome Essay

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What Were the Primary Reasons For the “Fall” of Rome ?

Have you ever wondered why Rome fell? Crash! Rome fell mostly because the people that were lazy and careless. Then there was also an outbreak of disasters. Critics argue that political instability lead to fall of Rome. Critics argue that political instability lead to the fall of Rome. However, the military mistakes lead people to think that military mistakes were the primary reason behind the decline of the Roman Empire. Two reasons to support the claim that military mistakes lead to the fall of the Roman empire are that the couldn’t conscription and that they didn't have the right armour. To begin with, the first reason why Rome fell is that the soldiers didn't want to wear all the armour and because they were lazy and carless. According to the Vegetus excerpt, Document B, the Roman Army it states, “the customary armour began to seem heavy since the soldiers rarely wore it therefore they first asked the emperor to set aside breastplates
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However critics believe that military mistakes didn't cause the fall of Rome. In the article it gives more reasons that political instability was a bigger reason for the fall of Rome. People disagree with this claim because they they found evidence against it . This is why Some people think military mistakes was a bigger reason for the fall of Rome.

According to, “ what were the Primary reasons for the “fall” of Rome Mini Q it states that Rome fell mostly because of people getting laziness and carless. Military mistakes were the main reason for the fall of Rome. Some reasons to prove that the soldiers were lazy and careless and didn't have enough soldiers in the army. The second reason is that two foreign invaders, invaded . This hurt Rome by letting invaders take over the City of Rome, So as you can see these are primary reasons for the fall of

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