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  • Willy Wonka Analysis

    Finally, Wilma stumbles across Wonka’s office, which was the only room left in mint-condition. Find some Oompa Loompas hiding, she greats them politely and they are instant drawn to her. to brainstorm new ideas for new candy. As she begins writing down ideas she feels like Willy Wonka himself, was guiding her hand and her ideas. The same night she orders half the oompa loompas to make the candy and the other half to lay a trail of vibrant colored sweets in the snow in front of every household to lead it to the chocolate factory. In the morning, the warm rays of the sun caused the candy to melt and dye the snow, creating a colorful pathway to the chocolate factory. The townspeople gathered in amazement as they gazed upon boxes that soared above their head, each box filled to the brim with confectionaries. Within each box was an assortment of sweets, each designed with its own unique pattern of swirls and colors. On the bottom of the candy box was a silver ticket, identical to Wonka’s…

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  • Comparison Of Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory

    the years leading up to the remake the general public was becoming more aware of the problem that unhealthy habits could cause. This can even be seen with the differences between the first scenes, while the remake focuses on the poverty of Charlie's family, the original instead introduces Mr. Wonka through a musical number in which a group of children eat bunches of candy, and later in the chocolate factory, the characters are much less reserved about eating the sweets in the original than in…

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  • Willy Wonka Symbolism

    much darker messages and undertones from the movie. Full of symbolism for anyone who wants to pay attention, disguised as entertainment. The story is a criticism of many things including bad parenting, gum-chewing, television, spoiling children, over-eating, and self-indulgence. Charlie is the protagonist you want to cheer for and Wonka the antagonist he faces. The children move through the factory slowly dwindling in numbers. As each child falls to their vice, the Oompa-Loompas give them a…

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  • Effective Use Of Cinematic Techniques In Tim Burton's Film

    The film director, Tim Burton, uses several different techniques throughout his films to show his unique sense of style and ideas to compliment his interesting and crazy personality. The stylistic techniques that Burton uses are the music, shots, and lighting to achieve the effects of mood, tone, and a sense of fantasy. First of all, Burton’s use of music, mainly diegetic, in his films help the audience to be engaged and understand the emotions within the characters. For example, in his film…

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  • Halloween Costume Ideas

    Fun Halloween Costume Ideas Halloween is a great time to allow your creativity to take over and truly be inspired. Long gone are the days when Halloween focused on ghosts and ghouls, these days, Halloween is all about being creative. Year after year, Neil Patrick Harrison, and his adorable family blow the minds of people across the world with their creative family costumes. Fortunately, you don’t have to be rich and famous to have fun with your costumes; it just takes a little imagination. The…

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  • Similarities Between Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory

    The very short, green haired men with an orange complexion rather disturbed me as a kid. I just couldn’t understand why they were in the movie in the first place and why they looked so abnormal. They used to seem odd to me, but over the years I have grown to find them silly and amusing. Still, if I were to come across an Oompa Loompa, I would not converse with it in any way whatsoever. Although, I did find it humorous when Violet, the girl who loves to chew gum everyday, started turning blue and…

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  • Willy Wonka Character Analysis

    He has no living relative and is getting too old to keep it running. He believes that he cannot trust an adult with his factory and wants to give the factory to a sweet child who will run the factory in their own way and not follow his steps. He wanted someone whom he could trust with his candy making secrets and who would take care of his beloved workers, the Oompa- Loompas, whom he rescued from Loompaland, where he thought they would surely go extinct. (Willy Wonka, 2015). In the 2005 film,…

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  • Tim Burton's Cinematic Techniques In Edward Scissorhands

    Tim Burton Cinematic Techniques Tim Burton uses cinematic techniques such as music and sound, lighting, editing, and camera movements. Cinematic techniques are basically used to explain how the editing, music, lighting, and camera movement are used in the movies. All three of the movies connects with the cinematic techniques by showing different aspects and how the techniques were used in the movies. Also they connect with the techniques by showing how the mood is developed like in the movie…

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  • Brief Summary Of Charlie Wonka's Chocolate Factory

    Charlie Bucket lives with his family, Grandpa Joe and Grandma Josephine, Grandpa George and Grandma Georgina and his mother and father. They live in a little house and are very poor. His grandparents are elderly and stay in bed all day long. Charlie’s father works hard in a toothpaste factory but no matter how hard he works he never makes enough money to feed his family. They live on cabbage and cabbage soup, and Charlie is always hungry. Charlie loves chocolate and gets one chocolate bar for…

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  • Tim Burton Camera Angles

    Tim Burton has several angles in the movie.Tim Burton uses amazing camera angles.What I mean by that is some camera angles that are really far but look like they're close to the object .In Burton’s film he uses camera angles that show every detail of the film .Let's say the author is saying or explaining something about the factory the camera with go there and film the part the author is talking about.Tim Burton also uses amazing exaggerated sound effects there nice an loud and they are very…

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