Willy Wonka Analysis

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Willy Wonka is always associated with the Chocolate factory where he is celebrated like royalty. All the children gather around him and worship Mr. Wonka as their candy king. Wonka’s candy rapidly gained popularity, that all the other chocolate makers became jealous of Mr. Wonka, they began sending spies in order to steal secret recipes. Wonka’s rivals produced the recipes they had stolen from Wonka: ice cream that would never melt, chewing gum that never lost its flavor, and candy balloons that could be blown up to incredible sizes. The thriftier got so bad that Mr. Wonka decided to close his chocolate factory forever. A few years later Mr. Wonka held a worldwide contest where five children have the chance to find a golden ticket in Wonka …show more content…
Finally, Wilma stumbles across Wonka’s office, which was the only room left in mint-condition. Find some Oompa Loompas hiding, she greats them politely and they are instant drawn to her. to brainstorm new ideas for new candy. As she begins writing down ideas she feels like Willy Wonka himself, was guiding her hand and her ideas. The same night she orders half the oompa loompas to make the candy and the other half to lay a trail of vibrant colored sweets in the snow in front of every household to lead it to the chocolate factory. In the morning, the warm rays of the sun caused the candy to melt and dye the snow, creating a colorful pathway to the chocolate factory. The townspeople gathered in amazement as they gazed upon boxes that soared above their head, each box filled to the brim with confectionaries. Within each box was an assortment of sweets, each designed with its own unique pattern of swirls and colors. On the bottom of the candy box was a silver ticket, identical to Wonka’s original golden ticket, which read: “Hello, people of the world, you may refer to me as Wonka 2.0 for I shall not reveal my true identity. I would like to shake you warmly by the hand as you taste my delectable creations. I am pleased to announce the reopening of the chocolate factory. With every bite, you take there is a combination of Willy Wonka’s creation and my own. May he rest in peace and may he be proud of how far his candy empire has come. Please enjoy, thank

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