Open Grid Services Architecture

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  • The OGSA Model: Dynamic Service Creation And Management

     Dynamic Service Creation: The OGSA model can dynamically create and manage new service instances and also can necessitate the existence of service creation services. The OGSA model defines a standard interface (Factory) and semantics which a service creation service must provide [1].  Lifetime Management: Any distributed system is supposed to deal with any number of failures. Especially in a system which involves transient, stateful service instances, there should be an option available to reclaim the lost services and also for recovering the state associated with the failed operation [1].  Notification: The collection of distributed services should be able to alert each other asynchronously when any change occurs to their current state.…

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  • The Importance Of Software Architecture

    in selecting the architecture [13]. 2.1.2 Architectural Design This applies to all architectures, most of the time the genre(category) of the software dictates the architectural approach to be considered, some of the genres are artificial intelligence, commercial and non-profit, communications, financial, games, government, legal, medical, military, science and many more. Each genre has its own unique requirements which it follows with emphasis on its key qualities [19]. The deployment…

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  • Service Oriented Architecture Paper

    The role of software architects is to map the software requirements to the architecture design and guarantee that both functional requirements and quality attributes are met (Qin et al., 2007). Since applications have a diverse set of requirements, it is rare that a single architectural style can address all those requirements. Usually, the system architecture is not limited to a single style, but is often a combination of architectural styles. For example, the design of a web-based application…

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  • SOA Case Study

    acted as clients. They enabled a user to access resources over the internet, thus by providing more accessibility and authorization to it. This scenario has been described in figure 1.3, shown above. But all this was very difficult to integrate as far as business data availability and workflows are concerned. So, there emerged a need for some technology wherein one can easily change the software which can easily handle all the resources and workflows according to the requirement. And the answer…

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  • Identifying The Driving Forces Of New Marketing Principles

    Identifying the Driving Forces in New Marketing Principles and Their Probable Future Changes Krystle Alfonseca LIM College Marketing principles are the fundamental concept and philosophy that serves as the foundation for promoting a business (sale of goods or services), or a behavior for a chain of reasoning in business domains. Marketing encompasses a spectrum of processes such as identifying consumers ' needs and design a means of providing these needs. Today 's marketing…

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  • Compare And Contrast Villa Farhorne And Le Corbusier

    The Villa Savoye is one of the most important modern buildings of the 20th century which incorporated the Le Corbusier’s five principal points of architecture, and it could be the perfect realization of Le Corbusier's principles. This building is located outside of Paris and offers a space for occupants to escape from the crowded Paris. The location of the villa helped Le Corbusier to have freedom in design in order to create a masterpiece which would truly stand the test of time. This building,…

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  • Refugee Camps

    theoreticians like Vitruvius and Marc-Antoine Laugier describe the primitive hut as the origin of architecture. When we look at the standardised model for refugee camps, we see tents – mostly offered by humanitarian organizations – arranged in the form of a grid. The camp is organised hierarchically. It consists of different districts, each subdivided into smaller neighbourhoods. Districts are separated from each other by open spaces, neighbourhoods by roads or smaller paths. A perfect grid…

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  • New Urbanism Essay

    This principle basically focuses that most of the things are at walking distance only from the place where one lives so that dependency on automobiles can be reduced. It promotes pedestrian friendly street design which means that there is enough good space so one can walk easily. This design includes tree lined streets, hidden parking lots, on street parking etc. The side walks should be minimum of 5feet within Row & parallel to street. 2. Connectivity : …

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  • International Business Machine Case Analysis

    IBM followed localization approach hiring and training locals, giving autonomy to the markets with regard to the positioning, marketing, and communications. In 1991 objective was set to become “a world class service company” within three years, and restructuring undertaken by its new head Louis V. Gerstner followed (IBM Global Services, 2002). He praised the professionalism, technical and sales expertise, and individual performance of separate business units, but took a course on integration,…

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  • Disadvantages Of Software Migration

    1.4.2 Role of SOA Several IT organizations comprises of numerous dissimilar parts, all of which adds equally to the objective of aiding IT for coming across business needs. There are additional massive variations and trials where IT is fronting the challenging necessities from existent world business requirements nowadays. After quite a few years of experiments and recovering from Y2K, Internet, the reaction and IT recession of the first fragment of this era, we 're lastly hovering our…

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