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  • Open University Research Paper

    Introduction Open learning is not restricted to distance education; it can be held on campus or online by means of attaining a degree or simply for lifelong study. Any institution can provide open learning as long as it accomplishes flexibility in regard to factors such as demography, geography, values and interests, time, and teaching and learning methodologies. According to Shale, the dominant reason for the existence of distance open universities is an “ideological bent toward higher education at a time when people should have an opportunity to participate in it and thus improve their lots in life” (2010, 96). Although every open university has its own purpose, economic, political, cultural, and social factors influence establishment,…

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  • Anytime Anywhere Open University Case Study

    Background A team of Distance Education experts were consulted to develop a design for the Anytime Anywhere Open University (AAOU), a new autonomous distance learning institution (DLI). The team used a system approach which allowed them to focus on all aspects of the university, holistically, and address all the interrelated elements that are necessary for an efficient DLI. The first phase of the design did an analysis of the social context and environment of AAOU to determine if there is a…

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  • Distance Education Vs Knou

    A number of distance education providers have been established out of the Open University movement. Two examples of distance education institutions in the East Asian and Pacific region are Korea National Open University (KNOU) and the Open University of China (OUC). KNOU is in a developed country while OUC is in developing China. Although similar, they each have their own distinctive history, populations, technology, pedagogy, and quality assurance practices. History The Korean and Chinese…

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  • The Importance Of Subscription Services

    This is caused by the prices of these materials and the need for institutions to be selective about the content they purchase, due to budget constraints. Kenneth Goldsmith, in his essay “If it Doesn’t Exist on the Internet, It Doesn’t Exist,” bemoans the lack of quality material available to those who need it. He tells the story of how one of the readers of Ubuweb, his open-access website, was surprised at the difference between the amount and quality of the content in her library (which is in a…

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  • Gun Control Controversy

    people; because of this is concern has been raised concerns among citizens who own gun shops, students and professors on universities that may allow open carry, law enforcement and everyday citizens. Texas residents are big fans of owning guns and having the ability to access them at whatever time they choose. However, many accidents have occurred in parts of the United States. Although, mass public shootings have been occurring the State of Texas is resistant to getting rid of guns and…

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  • Adoption Vs Abortion

    sacrifice?” (Rapping Abortion 140). Today, people are more worried about what people think of them, who goes to more parties, who has more friends, and most importantly their sex life. Everyone has many risk with their sex life. Sexually Transmitted disease is one of the biggest. What happens when you don’t have protected sex? You might be dealing with a child at your hands. If you are able to have sex you are able to possibly have children. If you aren’t ready you have to make a big choice.…

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  • Arnold Palmer Research Paper

    was small and no one really even knew about it. Then Arnold Palmer became eligible and when he played in 1980, the Tour became more popular. When the 1980 U.S. Senior Open came around he has won every tournament so far, but he couldn’t play because…

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  • The Cathedral And The Bazaar: A Comparative Analysis

    In his iconic book, “The Cathedral and the Bazaar: Musings on Linux and Open Source by an Accidental Revolutionary” (Raymond , 1999), contrast Raymond between two different work (or software develop) methods: the Cathedral model and the Bazaar model. According to the Cathedral model, which is more common in the commercial software companies, the develop of software is done by an exclusive group of software developers and the end user is getting (or buying) a close package with readymade source…

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  • Importance Of Confidentiality In Counselling

    For my client’s confidentiality, throughout the rest of this paper I will be using the false name of Carol to protect her identity. Carol is currently a full-time female student at York University. As I am also a full-time student at York university, when it came time to ask if she would volunteer as my client for this project, Carol’s academic appreciation and understanding personality made the interview very comfortable. Carol’s problem was between her and her best friend whom she feels are…

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  • The Importance Of Reading In Special Education

    process and is difficult to teach to students with learning disabilities. No one reading program will work to teach all children with learning disabilites to read. Today, many students with learning disabilities cannot read or have limited reading skills. Parents, teachers, specialists, and advocates are extremely concerned with these results, because students are graduating without the abilities to read street signs, grocery items, or navigate around their communities. Read Well, Success for…

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