Gun Control Controversy

Guns have been around the world since the 14th century starting with the Matchlock gun to the automatic firearms. In the beginning guns were intentionally used by industrialized countries in order to protect their residents and land from anyone who posed a threat. There have been many wars, battles, a and deaths throughout history due to firearms. To this day guns have dramatically changed and are at fault for many of the conflicts the United states faces. In the Bill of Rights the 2nd amendment gives people the rights to have guns and firearms to protect themselves from any danger. At the start of the 21st century the gun control controversy has exploded and became a hot topic to the American people; because of this is concern has been raised …show more content…
In the New Scientist, writer Jessica Hamzelou has written a piece about psychiatrists who have to report to the criminal justice system about their patients. Patients that are mentally unstable and a threat to society must be reported and they must do this because it’s a new requirement to the new restrictions on guns. Hamzelou wants adults in the United States aswell for physicans to know that these new restrictions may have gotten out of control but it’s a good thing. Hamzelou proves to the physicians that “enforcing mental health reporting” will not only help the society but also help mentally unstable people from shooting/killing someone. Her argument mirrors to Begley’s because they both take a similar stance on the gun control issue. They both don’t accept the possibility or extended gun rights but rather gun control. Hamzelou writes that we should be fearful of another massacre occurring like the one that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary. She worries that another “massacre like the one that resulted in 26 deaths in December 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut” will occur. In the article she writes of Adam Lanza who was the perpetrator that shot up the elementary school, went home and then shot his mother and himself. Following that incident many people such as the media talked about the possibility of Lanza being mentally unstable. This occurrence brought much concern from citizens from all around the United States and also from the president. This also brought up the main concern of the students and professors because they feared the possibility of a massacre happening similar to Sandy Hook. The government have made physiatrists report any mentally unstable qualities expressed from their patients. The reason for this is due to the Sandy Hook incident the government wanted to know the backgrounds of any

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