Gun Debate Essay

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Gun Debate: Where is the Middle Ground?
Gun violence has become a great concern in the United States. It seems that many public places have become less safe from violence. Theaters, schools and even work places are subject to random violence. Like many issues today there is a great divide of beliefs and opinions. The ability to develop better gun control has for the most part eluded the government. A large percentage of people in the United States feel that there is nothing that can be done to solve the gun and violence problem. Mallory Simon, author of, “Gun Debate: Where is the Middle Ground?” is a writer and senior producer of online presentations for CNN. This piece appeared on on January 31, 2013. The importance of understanding
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In the case of Sandy Hook Elementary, many have suggested that having armed guards at schools to control gun violence would be a start in the right direction in curbing gun violence in schools. This is considered a temporary solution until stricter laws are developed and put into place on purchasing guns. Veronique Pozner, one of the parents who lost a child, said that “I think there might be a certain power in deterrence. In the case of Newtown, it 's clear that the perpetrator did choose the path of least resistance, the most vulnerable defenseless victims. He didn 't head for the high school where he could have been tackled. She was not sure whether or not guards would have saved her son at the old school, she did feel more comfortable dropping her children at the new school that does have armed guards”. Everyone agrees gun violence will continue in public places where there are no measures to ensure there are better systems in place to minimize the …show more content…
Froman said "There 's a lot of common ground, we don 't want people who are insane to have guns, we don 't want terrorists to have guns." Everyone is concerned about the well-being of our citizens, especially our children. Everyone agrees measures need to be put in place to minimize crimes in which guns are involved and to restrict people with mental illnesses from purchasing or owning a firearm. Simon claims there is middle ground between extreme views when discussing the need for more and stricter gun laws and ways of stopping people with mental illnesses from purchasing or owning a gun. Simon’s claim has to do with policy. She supports her claim by effectively showing the cause and effect of human loss that is caused by guns by bringing the victims, law enforcement, political figures and groups like the NRA together. She also shows the warrant of her claim by presenting the victims and political sides by showing the need for better regulations and stricter gun laws. The separation in views is mainly on how to accomplish this without infringing on others’ right to bear arms. Everyone believes there should background checks, however they also feel the current laws and regulations are not being correctly enforced in a timely matter.
Mallory Simon’s essay shows an effective argument for the need of additional regulations concerning gun control and the middle ground between all sides. By showing how families are affected by gun violence and demonstrating

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