Gun Laws Must Be Changed Essay

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Guns Laws Must Be Changed
The debate on new gun legislation at the federal and national levels is roaring topic in today’s American society. On one side of the argument, “gun lovers” constantly make mention of the second amendment and how the law protects the rights of Americans. On the other side of the argument, Americans expecting gun reforms argue new and clearer laws will be preferable for the future of America. Nevertheless, on both sides the truth of the matter is in the statistical evidence of gun violence and gun accessibility. The number of gun related incidents in America is staggering to say the least. America must enforce stricter gun laws so Americans have an adamantine time obtaining a firearm.
First, is the type of gun legislation in place in today’s society. One law in some states allows licensed individuals the privilege to openly carry firearms. Thirty-one states allow the open carry law and only thirteen of those states require some form of licenses or permits (Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence), Delaware is one of thirteen states that require a permit (National Rifle Association). Another law is the concealed carry which allows an individual to carry a firearm, such as a handgun, in public in a concealed manner. In my opinion, someone carrying a concealed weapon gives me an uneasy feeling and the same
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What is even more intolerable, are the number of mass shootings. Perhaps the most relevant is the number of school shooting in this year. As of October 10, 2015 there has 52 school shooting at an average of two per month (RT). The fact that America leads all other nations in gun related incidents is appalling. Especially since as a nation, Americans can change their views on gun rights for America. Along with not hiding behind a law outdated by centuries and does not apply to today’s American

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