Symposium Of Guns In America By James Lindgren

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Throughout American history, the topic of gun control has been an argument filled with controversy. There have been a number of traumatic events in the country that involved the use of guns; Because of this, many Americans have become weary to the thought of anyone being able to carry a gun. Over the years, there have been many different stances developed pertaining to this topic. Some believe the Second Amendment should be completely abolished, others believe there should be no restrictions on guns, whatsoever. There is also an opinion in the middle of these two stances; some think by combining the two opposite beliefs and collaborating their ideas, a fair resolution could be made. In the article “Symposium of Guns in America”, James Lindgren discusses the history behind the Second Amendment and gun control in America. Lindgren declares that he believes in the Second Amendment, but also thinks there should be some form of gun control along with it. In Professor David Isaacs …show more content…
He believes individuals should have the right to purchase and own a gun, but also believes there should be policies and restrictions along with the right. Lindgren then goes on to explain the history of gun control and how our current policies were developed. Because Lindgrens stance falls in the middle of the two sides of the argument, throughout the article he acknowledges the ups and downs of both sides. Lindgren shares, “I would not be surprised if reducing gun-free zones increased homicides and suicides overall, while it reduced the number of lives lost in mass murders.” (716) This is one of many instances where Lindgren shows how torn his opinion is on gun control. It is important to consider some of the ideas people like Lindgren have when trying to find a resolution. Because his view takes both sides into consideration, an effective compromise could be

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