Gun Control Negative Essay

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Gun control continues to be a quite a heated issue in today’s society. Many believe it is the answer to senseless acts of violence. On the other hand, many others know that if gun control were to be implemented, it would be completely detrimental to both the safety and security of American citizens. It is much more than simply a political issue with differences of opinion on either side of the debate. Many Americans, although their hearts are in the right place, are completely unaware of the dangers we will be facing if gun control is allowed to be put into effect. Taking away the right to keep and bear arms would be significantly more deadly for the American population. It would increase crime rather than reducing it, criminals would become …show more content…
These criminals do not obey or respect the law in any way. Any law that is put in place, regardless if it is constitutional or unconstitutional, will be severely ineffective when it comes to crime and violent criminal behavior. In fact, the only people that it will affect are law-abiding citizens; rendering them dangerously defenseless against criminals who are illegally armed and intend to inflict serious bodily harm or death. Further, these criminals will commit their crimes with a confidence we have yet to witness knowing that they are not in danger of return fire by those who do follow the law. This also must be avoided at all costs; as the amount of deaths and crime will surely increase rather than decrease. Contrary to what the media and liberal politicians report, studies actually show that the more gun owners there are, the more gun violence decreases according to data retrieved from the Centers for Disease Control as well as data from a 2012 Congressional Research Service (CRS) report. They also show that gun violence is decreasing rather than increasing; even if you include the terrible mass shootings that have committed by very sick people. The Centers for Disease control study showed that in 1993 the firearm-related homicides were roughly 7 out of every 100,000 people. In 2013, the amount of firearm-related homicides decreased by nearly half; weighing in at 3.6 out of every 100,000 people. Further, the CDC study revealed that during the same period, the number of guns per person increased by 56% (Perry, 2015). If we take the guns away from law-abiding citizens, the exact opposite will happen, and crime will run rampant. Furthermore, countries where citizens are not allowed to keep and bear arms show this as well. This is clear evidence that both the media and the liberal politicians are flat out lying to the public to further their agenda of population control under

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